Celebrate Zindagi: Manifesting Healthy Life through Scientific, Structured, & Evidence-Based Wellness Solutions

Sunita Gohrani, DirectorA study conducted by researchers from University of Leicester & Lough borough University on sedentary lifestyle (assessing 800,000 people from various countries) reveals that excessive sitting and poor health are interrelated. The sedentary lifestyle adopted by the millennial is detrimental, exacerbating work-related diseases like obesity, neck pain, back pain, diabetes, heart disease, infertility, and so on. Taking a step towards curbing this seismic shift in health conditions, the Mumbai-based Celebrate Zindagi is inspiring people to celebrate their life with health. “Being a wellness engagement company, we connect people’s body, mind, and soul through comprehensive healing solutions helping them rewire and realign to a better version of themselves,” delights Sunita Gohrani, Director, Celebrate Zindagi.

Comprehensive Healing Programs
Dawned as an initiative to ensure healthy, happy, and productive work environment, Celebrate Zindagi endows a scientific, structured, and evidence-based wellness program attending to individual needs. It caters to large and mid-size corporate groups with its all-inclusive offerings calling for human interactions and understanding, marking a clear-cut
demarcation from the growth triggered by digital intervention as used by most players of the space. Rendering services at clients’ doorsteps, Celebrate Zindagi employs a two stage-structured program that carries out a screening for health followed by reversing onset of lifestyle diseases. Apart from these, it also proffers physical activities like Tai-Chi, dance aerobics, Shaolin Kung-fu, yoga, and Muay Thai to enable people to stay strong and shine.

Succoring clients reach health goals beyond weight-loss, Celebrate Zindagi enrolls clients for customized sessions of three to six months, targeted at improving the clinical biomarkers

Promoting holistic health approach at the workplace, Celebrate Zindagi employs corporate screening where in it monitors the health condition of individuals through four unique techniques starting with a health talk organized at corporate premises. The session sheds light on the importance of screening & prevention in creating healthy working environments. Utilizing technological advances to the most, the company uses a breakthrough diagnostic device called Angiodefender to accurately assess cardiovascular disease risk within minutes. Vascular aging is another technique used to detect effects of lifestyle disorders in asymptomatic subjects. The accurately termed ‘Wake Up’ tests concoct a positive pressure on people to set health goals, way before the manifestation of
diseases ruling out the need for pharmacological intervention.

Finesse through Fitness
Succoring clients reach health goals beyond weight-loss, Celebrate Zindagi enrolls clients for customized sessions of three to six months, targeted at improving the clinical biomarkers like blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI, and arterial stiffening. It also regulates sleep patterns, breath patterns, and binge eating patterns of the participants who are again screened after the sessions are completed to see their improvements in various biomarkers. Bringing to light the asymptomatic diseases, Celebrate Zindagi tunes people towards a healthy lifestyle that guarantees the greatest wealth of all- health, through an amalgamation of emotional, psychological, social, and physical health in the right mix for a complete well-being. It conducts advance sessions for groups identified as highly-stressed and highly-sensitive and works on their emotional cleansing through catharsis. Besides, it also exercises Yogic cleansing (Shat Kriya) for addressing sleep and digestive disorders.

“Most of our trainers are professionals with the expertise to design and customize sessions enabling participants to take baby steps towards reaching their goals,” explains Sunita, who herself is an aficionado with 20+ years of experience in Medical Device Industry and has conducted 70000 screening and 15000+ sessions. Celebrate Zindagi follows a work culture of celebrating every minute even if it is through thick and thin. Embarking harmony and happiness, the team is set to achieve its goal of conducting 300,000 screening in the coming two years.