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Vikram Saha,  Director

Vikram Saha


While the last Indian census reported that around 1.3 million people were suffering with ‘hearing impairment’, the number cited by India’s National Association of the Deaf stands quite contrasting at 18 million people as deaf. Worsening the condition further is the social stigma. “Ignoring hearing loss over time can eventually lead to a cognitive decline, frustration and even depression in addition to illness like Dementia and Alzimer’s, which can result in people withdrawing and isolating themselves,” explains Vikram Saha, Director, C.C. Saha Ltd. He also adds that testing early will help one prevent further deterioration to the ears, thereby enjoying a better quality of life.

Hence, through C.C. Saha a reputed and leading chain of hearing clinics in eastern India, Vikram not just provides the best audiological solutions but even creates awareness about the issue among people. “We have facilities for basic and advanced audiological testing, counselling, trial fitting and dispensing of digital hearing aids and most importantly, providing superior after sales service,” he adds. Having its own mold manufacturing laboratory empowers the clinic to cater to outstation patients, apart from having an inhouse service and repairs help desk all under one roof. “We therefore position ourselves as a complete hearing solutions provider,” explains Vikram. The rich legacy of 86 years has earned the clinic a trusted name in hearing solutions. This has created a deep sense of trust among patients as well.

One-Stop Solution Provider
India is still struggling to create a strong plinth for itself in the hearing space. Despite a marginal increase in the awareness levels, the penetration level in the country is hardly one-two percent as against 10-15 percent globally. “Hearing loss occurs so gradually that one does not often realize it for years. In fact it’s the people around who are the first to notice it. Even when one is aware of the benefits of hearing aids, there tends to be a deferment tendency when it comes to purchase. In fact, it is estimated that people with hearing loss wait an average of seven years before seeking help,” explains Vikram.
C.C. Saha follows a three-step process to serve any patient. The first being the audiometry test conducted by qualified RCI certified audiologists. Based on this report which is detailed and comprehensive, the patient is counselled following which the hearing aid can be selected, programmed and fitted correctly. The clinic even has provision to help patients get their hearing aid serviced or reprogrammed. “Patients need to compulsorily get an audiometry done before our audiologists can counsel and prescribe the best hearing aid through a trial and fitting process based on multiple factors,” says Vikram.

With constant technology changes the hearing aids have become highly sophisticated,technologically superior and state-of-the-art. Hence C.C. Saha provides custom made technologically savvy hearing aids which are cosmetically more appealing thereby making them undetectable and practically invisible. “It is estimated that around 10 percent of the current hearing aid users are kids where the hearing loss is congenital. Hence, we also have hearing aids specially designed for the paediatric segment,” asserts Vikram. The clinic also offers rechargeable hearing aids thus providing freedom to users from disposable batteries.

Patients need to compulsorily get an audiometry done before our audiologists can counsel and prescribe the best hearing aid through a trial and fitting process based on multiple factors

A reputed and trustworthy name, C.C. Saha partners with globally renowned brands such as Signia ReSound, Starkey Phonak, Widex and Bernafon to provide world class quality hearing solutions through a wide range of products across price points. C.C. Saha ensures that its audiologists and counsellors are periodically trained and updated with the emerging trends and latest developments in hearing aids. “We also have frequent meets with ENT specialists updating them about the newer trends in hearing aids. We also invest in producing educational material on hearing aids to keep our patients well aware of not just the benefits of hearing aids but the fact that there are attractive trendier state-of-the-art and discreet solutions available in the market today,”Vikram explains.

On Top of the Game
Being a one-stop-solutions provider in the field of hearing, C.C. Saha keeps its team abreast with the emerging trends in the industry given the technological advancements in the domain through various training programs and hands-on training. Going forward, the company is looking at tapping the newer, unexplored markets in eastern India, while currently enjoying high recall and goodwill in West Bengal and adjoining states. “In fact, a lot of our patients come to us from other parts of the state and neighbouring ones as well,” concludes a proud Vikram.

Having completed his MBA from IMI, Delhi, Vikram has worked in global corporates for over two decades before joining the family business.

Office: Kolkata
Awards & Recognitions:
Received numerous awards from hearing manufacturing companies for its commitment to growing the hearing aids business in India. It enjoys a Platinum status with Siemens/Signia Hearing Instruments nationally and is a premium channel partner for other reputed companies like Phonak and GN ReSound in the region.