CATTS LABS & RESEARCH: Pharma Testing Services for Unmatched Quality & Analysis

J.S. Chadha,Group Chairman
J.S. Chadha, Group Chairman

Quality is the utmost important thing in the pharmaceutical industry. People’s lives are directly dependent on the quality of medicines given to them for the treatment of diseases. This highlights how important it is to have a reliable partner for testing and certifying pharmaceutical products and their ingredients. It is an absolute priority for the pharmaceutical industry to be able to count on accurate measurements and readings from their laboratory equipment. Just as critical is knowing the exact characteristics of the materials going into the products. As such, pharmaceutical analysis and lab testing services serve a variety of purposes. New Delhi-based CATTS LABS & RESEARCH PVT. LTD. is one such Government approved Testing Laboratory that answers the needs and provides peace of mind with the reliable instrument analysis, sample analysis, microbiological testing of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical testing, along with its recently introduced consultancy services for the designing & setting-up of checmical and micro-biological labs.

CATTS LABS is anISO 9001:2015 certified NABL Accreditated, Govt. approved company, which is led by a dynamic group of individuals with
many years of experience in their respective fields. It is headed by Group Chairman J.S Chadha, who holds a vast experience and expertise of nearly half a century in the field of analysis – across both administrative & technical realms. The company vies and stands for prompt and dependable in-depth analysis services at economical prices that invariably serve the society at large. However, it's CATTS LABS’habit of providing a personal touch to clients’ product that has helped it to receive repeat orders.

"CATTS LABS tests products under industry standards using approved test methods and develops bespoke methods when standards are not available"

Pharmaceutical Analysis & Testing Services
Serving a variety of purposes, the avant-garde testing and analytical instruments of CATTS LABS help manufacturers, importers and exporters understand their products. The company tests products under industry standards using approved test methods and develops bespoke methods when standards are not available. Thereby, the company provides detailed ‘root cause analysis’ for materials characterization, product development, and quality control purposes, which helps the manufacturers to pinpoint the reason behind the products’ failure. The scientific evidence provides a clear and vivid understanding of product composition and performance to prepare for regulatory submission,
as well as support to achieve the stability and flow properties needed for complex formulations.

Ensuring Trust
CATTS LABS has been in business for few years and has attained a unique position for itself in this field. It uniquely provides state-of-the-art analytical & research lab and consistently upgrades itself with the latest equipment like FTIR, HPLC, GLC, AAS, and UV-VIS sourced from globally established companies. Such equipments lie in the expert hands of highly trained scientific staff to deliver actual and accurate test results. These efforts are met through continuous investment in providing a loyal client base of satisfied customers ranging from large corporates, to academic institutions, to MSMEs and government organizations. The consistent performance to deliver quality services is made possible by some of the innovative methods of testing which are not used in routine testing that fails to mitigate complex testing challenges. Apart from Pharma, the company is also working in the fields of testing food, cosmetic, environment, water & wastewater.

“In this effort, CATTS LABS works only for accuracy and genuine scientific analysis under stringent standards with one reason: payback to society through our experience and ethical work practices,” states Chadha. However, the company foresees reaching an annual revenue growth rate of 40 percent and intends to diversify into other fields in the next three years.