C K Homeopathic: Redefining the Homeopathy Segment

Abedin Bhai Chimthanawala, Co-Founders,Naimuddin Bhai Chimthanawala, Co-Founders

Abedin Bhai Chimthanawala, Co-Founders

Naimuddin Bhai Chimthanawala, Co-Founders

“Homoeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently” - believes team C K Homeopathic. Throughout the years, there has been a paradigm shift in the perception and acceptance of people towards Homeopathy. The lost times of homeopathic have gained a widespread acceptance in India in the recent days stating that more than half of the population living in the major cities have shifted from allopathic to homeopathy, considering it to be safe and a healthy medication for long term benefits. Noticing this huge shift and the growing demand for homeopathic products, C K Homeopathic, a Nagpur based company came into the picture. Also observing the internet dominated market and its tremendous impact on the lives of people & businesses, it emerged with an objective to launch an online pharmacy store and make people aware of the homeopathic treatment, meds, thus reaching the rural population and meeting the scarcity.

An Exclusive Homeopathic Outlet with Best Offerings
Established in 2003, as an exclusive & only homeopathic outlet, the company endeavours to serve the practitioners, patients, students and the public with all homeopathy solutions. Initially started off to spread awareness among the masses on locating the store, getting knowledge on medicines, its availability and more, the company entitles to be a one stop solution for the doctors, hospitals interns, and end users. Explicating on its inception, Abedin Bhai Chimthanawala, (Please mention the designation) says, “With over 80 years of business experience and operating a physical store since 15 years, we understand the customer needs much better. This in turn helps us giving an edge over the competitors.”

Bringing in a new concept of ‘Homeo Patent’ and ‘Electro-Homeo’ in homeopathy, the company constantly strives to derive satisfactory results for its customers

Running an online homeopathic store with a COD facility that delivers meds according to the diseases in a highly organized & categorized manner, C K Homeopathic today offers an on-time and fast delivery facilities to far off remote places through its postal partner Speed Post India. Being a provider of wide range of homeopathic medicines such as Mother Tincture, Bio Combinations, Bach Flower Remedies, Cosmetics, Lifestyle products & others, it pinpoints
‘Homeopathic Patents & Cosmetics’ as its flagship product offerings. Explaining further, Naimuddin Bhai Chimthanawala (Please mention the designation), mentions, “Our flagship products are from renowned national as well as international companies. The companies who have migrated to homeopathic patents and cosmetics have never looked back to other solutions & remedies.

Bringing in a new concept of ‘Homeo Patent’ and ‘Electro-Homeo’ in homeopathy, the company constantly strives to derive satisfactory results for its customers. Additionally, they also offer value added services like pickup from the store, telephonic & email orders, online customer support & more. Empowered by digitization and aiding people to stay active towards healthcare and stretching itself beyond geographies, CK Homeopathic has implemented the latest marketing strategies by making it available through digital platforms.

The Journey Ahead
As a trading platform with a young team of dynamic people, CK Homeopathic all through its journey has been adding value to the medical landscape by being an innovative solution provider. Backed by professionals from Pisces Consultants, a leading name in IT & immigration domain service, the company sights to take it to the next level. Spotting that as innovation is the key determinant of success and explaining on its roadmap, Abedin concludes, “We are working on a smart algorithm that will help the buyers to find their medicines as per their needs. Driven by short & long term goals and implementing it accordingly we are trying to be amongst the leading online pharmacies.”