C. C. Saha: Providing the Entire Spectrum of Hearing Solutions through State-of-the-art Testing Facilities

Vikram Saha, Director

Vikram Saha


Decades back, when hearing loss was considered a social stigma and there was no room for authorized hearing centres with qualified and certified audiologists, C. C. Saha Ltd. established itself as a complete hearing solutions provider. Encapsulating everything from audiological testing, counseling, trial, & fitting to dispensing of digital hearing aids, and providing superior after-sales service with a service & repairs help desk all under one roof, C. C. Saha today stands proudly with its 85-year legacy as one of the oldest and trusted names associated with hearing aids through strong word-of-mouth publicity.

Recognized as a leading hearing centre in Eastern India, C. C. Saha’s state-of–the-art centre has all facilities for basic and advanced audiological tests including comprehensive pediatric tests like ASSR, ABR and OAE and balance disorder tests such as ENG, ECochG and VEMP. Ensuring the implementation of a thorough process, the centre permits
only qualified RCI certified audiologists to perform these tests. Based on the detailed reports generated by them, an ideal solution is recommended in terms of extent of hearing loss, lifestyle preferences and even the size and shape of the inner and outer ear canal of patients. As a practice, C. C. Saha ensures that patients compulsorily get an audiometry test done so that they can be counseled and prescribed the best hearing aid through a trial and fitting process based on multiple factors. The centre also has a mold manufacturing laboratory for catering to outstation customers.

The Clinic dispenses custom-made hearing aids that are cosmetically appealing and practically invisible

Class Solutions
Immensely evolved in inconspicuous and technologically innovative products, C.C. Saha has partnered with brands like Siemens, ReSound, Starkey, Phonak and Bernafon to provide world class hearing solutions through a wide range of products across price points. The Clinic dispenses custom-made hearing aids that are cosmetically appealing and practically invisible. Besides rechargeable hearing aids and wireless hearing aids that are compatible with iPhones and Apple devices for listening to music,
watching TV and talking on the phone, C. C. Saha also provides hearing aids for the pediatric segment from globally renowned companies such as GN ReSound and Phonak.

By constantly engaging and meeting with hearing aid manufacturing companies, the Clinic enables its audiologists, dispensers and counselors to attain hands-on training on new products and keeps them abreast of the emerging trends and technical know-how, thus empowering them to handle patients properly. It produces educational material to create awareness among patients regarding the trendier and discreet hearing aids available in the market today along with their benefits. “The trust and goodwill that we have in the industry is owing to our loyal customers and experienced employees who have helped in building our brand,” remarks Vikram Saha, Director, C. C. Saha Ltd.

The company has been honored with numerous awards for its commitment to growing the hearing aids business in India and enjoys a Platinum status for Siemens Hearing Instruments nationally. C.C. Saha is also the leading channel partner for reputed companies like Starkey and GN ReSound in the region. Spread in all four directions of Kolkata (Esplanade, Lake Road, Barasat & Dunlop) and enjoying goodwill across West Bengal, C. C. Saha is on its way to tap newer markets and make a difference in the lives of more hearing impaired people.