BucketList Dreams: Personifying Your Health Dreams by Empowering Your Overall Lifestyle

Aparna Goenka,DirectorThe upsurge in chronic diseases is the major cause of overall mortality in India, from 53 percent in 2005 to 66.7 percent in 2020 (estimated). The fact mirrors the seismic shift in mortality trends from infectious diseases to lifestyle diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular issues, chronic fatigues and the like). A population prone to desk jobs and sedentary lifestyles including unhealthy diet, physical inactiveness, and inability to manage stress are at higher risk. Ringing the alarm bell to intimidate populace to work at prevention and cure rather than treatment and management is BucketList Dreams, an online platform catering to the nutritional needs of people with the aim of empowering their overall lifestyle through result-oriented healthy lifestyle programs. “Understanding that 80 percent of all the problems are caused due to deficits in nutrition, it is our solemn duty to enlighten people with a diet plan based on quality, quantity, timings, and the choice of what to include and exclude,” pledges Aparna Goenka, Director, BucketList Dreams.

Healthier & Fitter You!
A sudden drift from roti-chawal to quinoa will lend you more
banes than boons because lifestyle changes are not built in a day; analogous to this is BucketList’s strategy of working with one’s existing nutrition and dietary habits through which it modifies people’s lifestyle, improves it, and creates a program that zeroes in a sustainable model fully exclusive of any shortcut medium timed intervention such as medicine, supplements, protein drinks and any medical or external elements. BucketList believes in innovating through the old theories of traditional methodologies, reminding all the magical power in eating healthy, eating local, eating cultural, eating what one has grown up eating rather than the new and imported foods, thereby, bringing to table what our grand parents ate.

BucketList gives a bolt from the blue through its budget-based diet plans, emphasizing on low-cost to benefit a larger volume of people

Being an online portal, it saves traveling and consulting time and is strictly against introducing any thing that demands more moments in kitchen or shopping. Rendering such all-encompassing service, Bucket List gives a bolt from the blue through its budget-based diet plans, emphasizing on low-cost to benefit a larger volume of people. Adept in managing medical conditions, Bucket List endows weight loss plans that top the to-do list of any nutritionist or dietitian,
closely followed by diabetes care which is a major concern among old and young alike. The detrimental offspring of a sedentary lifestyle, chronic fatigue which often goes unnoticed is also addressed by the health portal. Further, it looks after a lot of women-related issues such as fertility and PCOS.

Focusing on nutrition with assistance on fitness, Bucket List provides a one-to-one personal counseling to people on their nutrition and modifies their eating plans on a personal life-customized basis. It rules out the concept of one-size-fits-all, maintaining a different planning for each person, even for people within the same family who have a common cooking source. It also takes up a lot of corporates where the entire team/company signs up for a group plan, which is a combination of B2B but the delivery is B2C (personalized to every employee). Though the nutritional counseling is personal, it comes with additional group activities that the health portal carries out to embark workplace fitness and workplace improvement.

Confidentiality is never compromised at this online portal that prides on a team of impeachable experience and expertise. Its entire delivery of diet plans are technology-driven where in the queries come in through the system, counseling is given through telephone, and the plans are passed through email. Catering to IT magnates like Infosys, BucketList plans to expand and bring in more verticals and hence looks for funding to meet its marketing needs.