Brzee Wellness Center: Transforming Lives through Emotional Release

Shital Chavan,Founder
Shital Chavan,Founder

This is a fact that illnesses in the body are trapped emotions that are affecting us in physical ways. This emotion creates limiting beliefs of conditioned perceptions using an individual’s memories of pain and pleasure. Stressful life with depression and sadness pulls people towards suicidal tendencies and self-destruction. Hence it is crucial that one should release suppressed, repressed, and trapped negative emotions to heal both body and mind. With a desire to bring changes in the world and in people’s lives, Mumbai-based Brzee Wellness Center forged ahead a holistic approach in providing emotional wellness programs & solutions in the form of emotional erasure and therapies.

The company is the brain-child of Shital Chavan, who is a Reiki Grandmaster, International Speaker and Coach holding a deep history in the field of emotional wellness, possessing the certification for Life Alignment from South Africa, Access Consciousness from US and the license from Federation of NLPC(Neuro Linguistic Programme Coaching- US)Professionals to transform lives with simple but pro
found tools.

Healing with Comfort
Brzee’s work process is facilitated in private one-on-one sessions for entrepreneurs & employees and also in the form of effective workshops for school& colleges, corporations and government both locally and internationally. Standing true to its name,which translates to 'taking away blocks from your life',the organization focuses on emotional release which is the root cause of stress, sadness, phobia, depression, trust issue and disease. Brzee creates a sense of comfort and balance in life, by empowering people to find inspiration and success from their surroundings and from within.

"Brzee releases the emotions of stress only by connecting individuals with their emotion without asking for the reason behind it"

For instance, its expertise in anger management session helps individuals to release the emotion of anger in less than five minutes followed by complete release from DNA level so that it will last forever. Therapies offered by many organizations include multiple sessions which drags the patient to live with the pain for years, Brzee’s unique technique shows its effect of removing pain from the very first session. This therapy helps individuals (including children)suffering from suppressed sadness, connect to the joy of life again. Aiding individuals dealing with major depressive disorder(and hence painful emotions)in their personal or
professional lives, Brzee releases the emotions of stress only by connecting individuals with their emotion without asking for the reason behind it. This technique is especially helpful for groupsessions like corporate workshops, as the main focus remains on bringing peace to individual’s past without digging their past in front their colleagues, while also saving them from going through the same trauma again – a uniqueness that sets Brzee apart from other therapists.

Brzee’s corporate workshop starts with creating awareness on different kinds of stress amongst the participants, followed by emotional erases on the second day. Third day includes working on limiting belief, where all the negative believes are cleared through therapies. On top of this, Brzee constantly follows up with its clients to check their improvement. It’s this dedication that has endowed it with topnotch customers including Fly Dubai, Emirates, Param Enterprises (Singapore) and many universities in Paris.

Brzee’s therapy techniques are garnered from different countries and are totally unique in India. Currently, the company is in expansion mode in India spreading awareness about the unique technique and is focusing on its CSR activities. With its vision of enabling positive change, it’s all set to revolutionize the perception of emotional health in India.