Bright Drive HCS: Transforming The OutSource Billing Landscape

Tina Wellman,CEO & Owner

Tina Wellman

CEO & Owner

The global Medical Billing outsourcing market exhibited strong growth during 2015-2020, looking forward, the market to grow at a CAGR of around 11 percent during 2021-2026. Medical billing outsourcing, or revenue cycle management (RCM), refers to the process of outsourcing billing and finance related processes by a hospital or healthcare institution. It entails using a third-party software tool to process bills, file and follow-up on medical insurance claims, and receive proper compensation for services done. This helps to streamline complex collection operations, increase revenue production, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce administrative workload. One of the primary aspects driving the market growth is the complexity of managing reimbursements & claims, and the resulting need to streamline the process.

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The medical and healthcare industry is increasingly adopting automated solutions for various operations intending to enhance inhouse workflow and offer a seamless experience to patients. In line with this, widespread adoption of front end outsourced medical billing solutions, which primarily include end-to-end patient access, digital order management, central scheduling, quality assurance, and patient registration is providing a boost to the market growth. The implementation of government regulations to employ digital record keeping solutions is another major growth inducing factor. Various hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers are utilizing these solutions for efficient record keeping of medical tourism bills and risk management against unforeseen circumstances. Other factors, including improvements in healthcare infrastructure, increasing integration of AI with the existing technologies, and extensive research and development(R&D)activities, are projected to drive the market in the upcoming years.

BrightDrive HCS, established in 2014, is a Schoharie based firm specialized in Molecular Genetics Laboratory Billing. The firm is a full fledged Revenue Cycle Service company that has the capability to take on any type of client. The company has carved a niche for itself in the Molecular Genetics Laboratory Services industry, wherein it tends
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to stand out from the competition.BrightDrive HCS is equipped with an in-house research and development team that has the expertise to build the proprietary panels that laboratories require in order to remain compliant with the regulations imposed by the governing bodies in the US, as well as clinically viable for patients and reimbursed well enough to keep the laboratories in good business.

One of the key aspects that give BrightDrive HCS an edge over the others is that the ownership of the company has hands on clinical training background. This team of professionals comes from the background of taking care of patients which is different from most medical billing companies. In terms of the knowledge base that it brings in
BrightDrive HCS is not merely an administrative sort of organization. Prior to the establishment of BrightDrive, the firm's key leadership came from a background of caring for patients for many years. This brings value to the company's proposition by comprehending and recognizing the clinical side of things, as well as the impact and downstream implications. And, since they understand the clinical side of biology and genetics, they know exactly how to code and bill things so that they flow smoothly through the insurance infrastructure.

BrightDrive HCS is not merely an administrative sort of organization in terms of the knowledge base that we bring to our clients it is undeniable

Tina Wellman, CEO & Owner at BrightDrive HCS emphasizes, "During the pandemic, many of our competitors closed down or did not perform effectively in our industry. However, despite the fact that we were in the midst of a pandemic, we continued to grow, attract clients, and hire new employees. We devised strategies to ensure that we remained viable and that we would continue to grow throughout the pandemic, rather than suffer the same fate as some of our competitors, who were forced to close because they lacked the capital or revenue to operate during that time".

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Leveraging Technologies To Empowering The Healthcare Provider & Their Patients
Change is imminent and inescapable. Technology is constantly evolving and conveniently improving for the better. Therefore businesses that fail to stay relevant with current business practices and technology have the greatest potential to face extinction. In this highly competitive digital environment, BrightDrive strives to stay aligned with the latest trends and technology in the market. The firm leverages AI and bot technology to be able to get things done faster and with more accuracy. The workflow that we employ is a huge part of what makes what we do innovative, and it also has to do with leveraging AI and Bot technology these things, when combined, help us make sure that our clients don't waste money on things that aren't going to be reimbursed and helping physcians clinically as well as preventing patients from receiving a large bill. This is where we're most innovative, along with the proprietary panels that we make," signifies Tina.

At BrightDrive, there is a plethora of talent to be able to build the technology to perfection and truly deliver a superior service to the clients. BrightDrive employees are offered the opportunity to participate in a Harvard online genetics program, where they acquire knowledge about genetics and how genetic testing works. In addition to pharmacogenomics and other sorts of relevant genetic training, it offers project management, training, and LEAN training to all of its employees. Further, the firm employs cutting-edge tools to enhance things and to gain a better grasp of the genetic space in which it works, which is always evolving and growing. "There are new things available in genetics every single day, therefore we have science minded folks that stay on top of those changes in order to help our clients, their physicians, and their patients do exceptionally well with their care," signifies Tina.

It All Boils Down To Customers
BrightDrive HCS is more than simply a medical billing provider the company considers its partners' whole ecosystem and provides help at multiple touchpoints through its strong consulting arm. It helps with Business Development, Compliance, Workflow Redesign, Lab and Practice Management, Marketing, Reporting, and Financial Analysis, and so on. BrightDrive's business culture
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is built on Bright and Driven employees that value patient centric passion in their interactions with physicians and laboratories. The firm has the same goal as its clients, which includes compliant practices quick reporting and proper compensation to guarantee their patients' healthcare requirements are satisfied while also running a successful business.

BrightDrive values its customers and places exceptional customer service at the top of its priority list. The firm promotes a transparent culture in which everything is shared with its clients. BrightDrive is a legitimate business partner who accepts responsibility for its own role in the alliance. Clients can expect a prompt and suitable response to any phone calls or email requests. The staff consists of Bright and Driven professionals who are there to ensure the clients have an exceptional experience working with Bright Drive HCS.