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  • 10 Most Promising Medical Billing & Coding Companies - 2022

    The only sector which is never going to be in recession is healthcare sector. By 2022, the healthcare market is expected to reach $8.6 trillion. The growing aging population will enhance the demand. Concerns over health are also leading to increased investments in health insurance. In addition to this, demand for medical coders and billers are very high in foreign countries like US and India have become a major hub for healthcare outsourcing. In fact, 80 percent of US companies outsource to India. Rising adoption of IT in healthcare and advantages of using medical coding for different aspects of healthcare settings such as claim management, feeding data clinical decision support systems, and emergency decision support systems are the major drivers of the sector. The increasing...

10 Most Promising Medical Billing & Coding Companies - 2022


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
BrightDrive HCS BrightDrive HCS Tina Wellman,CEO & Owner A medical billing provider, it is redefining the way healthcare professionals think and feel about working with outsourced billing companies one customer at a time
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Access Healthcare Services Access Healthcare Services Shaji Ravi, President & MD Provides business process outsourcing, applications services, and robotic process automation tools to healthcare providers, payers and related service providers
ArcMed ArcMed Maya Moha, CEO Improves bottom lines by Designing, Creating, and Delivering Insights and redefine Analytics and Revenue Cycle Management with the help of technology
Baruch Business Solutions Baruch Business Solutions William Castellanos, CEO A billing services company that helps medical providers manage and optimize their revenue through Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Credentialing, and so on
E Care India E Care India Deepak Sanghi, Managing Director It is among India's leading medical billing companies offering end-to-end medical billing solutions and coding services to businesses of diverse sizes
Medusind Solution Medusind Solution Vipul Bansal, Co-Founder The company provides integrated healthcare business solutions including medical coding, healthcare billing, medical transcription, and so on
Omega Healthcare Omega Healthcare Gopi Natarajan, Co-Founder & CEO Offers end-to-end solutions such as Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Blling & Coding, Accounts Receivable Management, and Patient Interaction solutions to healthcare companies
SAVI Group SAVI Group Sumit Mahendru, Managing Director A provider of best-in-class medical billing services & collection solutions such as RCM, analytics, coding and consulting
Scintillate RCM Healthcare Scintillate RCM Healthcare Hari Shankar, Founder & CEO Revenue generation management medical billing company partners with U S based healthcare billing companies to render a wide range of cost-effective and quality RCM services
TotalRCM Solutions TotalRCM Solutions Vanaraj Baulraj, President & CEO Specialized in complete Revenue Cycle Management, Billing Services, Coding Services, Consultation Services, AR Management, and so on