Biostadt: Pioneers in Biotechnology Research-Based Agro Products

Juzar S. Khorakiwala,   Chairman & MD

Juzar S.Khorakiwala, Chairman & MD

Bestowed with the responsibility of growing food for the entire society, farmers and agriculture are akin to the custodians of a country. The most integral piece of a nation’s growth, farmers require a helping hand in terms of top-of-the-line agricultural inputs and services. Committed to serving the farmer community for the past three decades is Biostadt India Limited, a biotechnology research based agri inputs(marine plant based plant growth stimulants) company. Helping farmers improve yields while lowering input cost, the Mumbai headquartered firm has developed an extensive high quality product range that includes insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, hybrid seeds, aqua products and farm services. Founded in 2003, Biostadt is singularly committed to environmental friendly aquaculture practices, food safety, traceability, biosecurity and statutory compliance measures.

Quality Agriculture & Aquaculture Products
Customers in the agro space constantly seek out products and services that render better quality and high RoI. Constantly churning out low cost and highly effective products, Biostadt is the pioneer in Seaweed extract based biological
products. Its flagship brands ‘Biozyme’, ‘Nanozim’, ‘HyZyme’ and globally known as ‘Wokozim’ is a novel non-chemical, non-toxic and eco-friendly seaweed extract based Biostimulant. Helping farmers meet today’s agricultural demands, the product enhances soil health, betters nutrient uptake, provides stress-tolerance, increases root growth and the overall yield of the crop.

"We implement the Probiotic Farming Concept in Aquaculture to counter the challenge and ensure food safety"

A known player in the aquaculture sector, Biostadt functions as a thorough solution provider guiding farmers through every aspect of aquaculture. Right from site selection, farm construction, biosecurity measures, seed selection, farm management to providing customized products and solutions to enable farmers to meet global challenges the firm does it all. Rendering an enviable mix of technology, products and service skill set, Biostadt is also a marketleader in implementing the Probiotic Farming Concept. “Food Safety with zero antibiotic residues in the shrimp and fish producedis a major concern in aquaculture. We implement the Probiotic Farming Concept in Aquaculture to counter the challenge and ensure food safety,” explains Juzar S. Khorakiwala Chairman & MD, Biostadt India Limited. The firm’s brands Environ AC, Environ AC Power, Envomin, Profs, Aqualact and Ecopro are widely acclaimed amongst the farming community.

Prepared for Today’s & Tomorrow’s Needs
Biostadt’s strong infrastructure and wide distribution network PAN India has played a major role in
catapulting the firm to the fore. InGene Biostadt Research Lab, Aurangabad, the firm’s state-of-the-art R&D centre plays a vital role in the development of biological formulations with core competencies in seaweed-based Biostimulants. Additionally, Biostadt’s four manufacturing facilities in Waluj, Bhavnagar and Jammu cater to the next three-four years of market demand. The Biostadt team ensures the best and consistent quality of its products through stringent quality checks at all levels of its production process.

Catering to the very increasing demand of the farmer community, Biostadt has launched new formulation products such as DeLite, Nano Drip, Rejoice, Amaze XL and Nanozim NXT. The firm is also coming up with Cradle and Mobilizer brands, which are Mycorrhiza based products enriched with seaweed along with wanting to bring some bio-pesticides into its portfolio.

Charting Road to Success
A global organization with footprints in over 20countries including Vietnam and Philippines, Biostadt has collaborated with Japanese organizations such as Nisso Chemical and Hokko Chemicals for plant protection products. To further develop its expertise in the area of hybrid seeds, the firm has also acquired New Nandi Seeds Co, a 40-year old company. Within a decade, the ambitious firm has seen its revenue grow to Rs.780+ crore in 2018. With a well-charted goal and powerful alliances, Biostadt is growing from strength to strength and is expecting to touch the Rs.1000 crore revenue by 2020-2021.