Biorhythm: Enhancing Corporates & Corporation Productivity through Credible & Convenient Courses

Nital Raval,Founder & CEO

Nital Raval

Founder & CEO

There is no doubt that fitness is directly related to the productivity, focus and concentration employees display at workplaces. As such, enlightened enterprises educate their employees on the need to stay healthy not just via words, but through technical training. Corporate wellness programs are thus essential and an inevitable part of an efficient & effectually functioning organization.

The Pune-based Biorhythm is a one-of-a-kind corporate wellness firm incorporating not just Yoga or Gymming, but all techniques including Pilates, Antigravity and Cardio in its wellness programs. On a mission to bring a balance in people's biorhythmic cycle, enhance health and help them empathize with their body better, the firm recommends balanced workouts for optimal health. It further believes that a balance in both meals and fitness regime is essential in doing so. Synchronizing mind & body through state-of-the-art techniques, it empowers individuals to enrich their modus vivendi.
Quality & Convenience Delivered at Doorsteps
Catering to all needs of corporates at the convenience of their doorsteps, Biorhythm brings to the table a whole range of yoga techniques specially curated to improve team work and boost workforce fitness levels, eventually leading to lesser sick leaves. Proven to increase immunity level, reduce stress levels, increase overall well-being, and aid in team building & effective communication, its sessions contribute towards individual as well as company growth. Equipped with Harrison Ham-mock made of high quality materials (can hold 500 kg), its workouts take place under professional supervision. Additionally, thick mats are placed on grounds to eliminate all possibilities of injuries.

Ideated in 2008, Biorhythm is the brainchild of the master trainer Nital Raval. Along with 15 years of experience, she is a multitalented instructor with certifications such as Pantajali Yoga Certified Teacher, Isha Yoga, the art of living basic course certification and all Antigravity certificates (Fundamental, Aerial, Suspension, Pilates, Kids, and Restorative). Combining deep understanding of the muscle anatomy of the human body along with postures performed in these various yogic techniques, she works towards enhancing global physical & mental health.

Trainings by Certified & Experienced Instructors
With over 30 Antigravity fitness centres across all major cities in India, Biorhythm has brought the lives of more than 5000 people on track. Besides this, it has also trained over 200 instructors, making them capable of providing non-surgical therapeutic relief to people suffering from various disorders. Its skilful fitness team includes revered trainers like Dhirren Parmar, who is a BKS Iyengar Yoga certified professional with 17 years of experience, and Dennis Alex with 12 years of experience & Antigravity & Fitness certifications. And yes, the firm is getting an overwhelming response from people of all age groups and from many corners of the country!

Portraying a growth timeline of around 15 percent YOY, the fitness firm Biorhythm is working on AG Therapy training, which it plans to soon make available in the market. Deemed helpful for physiotherapy centres using Antigravity technic for re-habitation, it is completely safe & quite effective to counter lifestyle diseases.