BiOM Medical Technology: Improving Human Life by Delivering Quality Operating Room Solution

Suman Chakravorty, Director - Operations

Suman Chakravorty

Director - Operations

In today’s world, technology is playing an important role in every industry. Out of the various industries, healthcare is definitely one of the most important. This merger is responsible for improving and saving countless lives all around the world. Contributing its best to this salient industry is BiOM Medical Technology, a Bangalore based Medical Technology solution startup that leverages its technical expertise in Operating Room (OR) Design, Ergonomically created clinically complied ICU, Medical Grade Vinyl Flooring, OT Health Indicator and Execution & Implementation to offer state-of-the-art products while achieving safety, cleanliness, and peace of mind in the OR environment.

Dedicated & Innovative Solutions

A successful surgery depends on the optimized working conditions of medical professionals and the patient. Hence, the OR must offer perfect conditions to the staff & patient, creating an atmosphere of trust & safety while making it easier for the team to stay focused and efficient throughout the entire intervention. Catering to the needs of the OR, BiOM offers a whole gamut of solutions that includes Modular OR, Surgical HD LED Light and Surgical OR Table along with MRI suit synergic to complete Operating Complex including HVAC Design & maintenance, Wall & Ceiling construction, OR Ventilation system, Air Handling Unit, Door System, Vinyl antistatic floor and more for ICU, OT and in entire Complex critical areas of IVF labs and OTs. BiOM stands on the pillars of Innovation, Inspiration, and Integrity, which help it to create the
design brilliance starting from Daycare, Ortho care, Onco care, Organ Implantation Surgical room, Negative Pressure Isolation Room to ICU, NICU and Labour room. “Our passion & dedication for improving human life by delivering quality operating room solution leads to innovative, efficient, safer and patient-friendly devices & equipment,” states Suman Chakravorty, Director – Operations, BiOM Medical Technology.

Our passion & dedication for improving human life by delivering quality operating room solution leads to innovative, efficient, safer and patient-friendly devices & equipment

Empowering the Healthcare Space

Today, where most of the medical technology service providers are focused just on the delivery of their products & services, what differentiates BiOM from the crowd is its methodology of offering solutions based on the nature of the surgery, rather promoting individual products. BiOM’s modular OR solutions are NABH & ASHREA compliant and are customized with a human touch, offering a unique amalgamation of affordable material with an exceptional design. It also offers customization to the ICU, NICU and Labour chambers for infrastructure & MGPS facilities. Apart from that, the company has collaborated with Axis Medical (Greece) to provide imported European OR design and construction services.

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, BiOM has its own testing & validating unit in Bangalore. However, many hospitals in India and abroad are the testing green fields of BiOM from where it gets its products clinically approved. BiOM is a strong player in the healthcare industry, and what makes it a leading organization is its dynamic and experienced technical team of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers along with dedicated CAD designers who understand the language of Doctors and decorate the customized OR solutions accordingly.

Having a close liaison with IIT-Mumbai Physics department, the company is now working on various new products to stabilize the ‘Health of the Operating Room’ before the surgeon initiates the surgery. These steps are taken under Make in India concept with an intention to open international gateway apart from the addition of value chain in Indian Hospital industry. No wonder, with such dedication towards the industry, the 2016 established company has witnessed 70 percent revenue growth every year for last three years, while bagging various prestigious customers such as Holy Cross Hospital Group, SUM Hospital, and M S Ramaiah, to name a few. Further, BiOM plans achieving Rs.100 crore business by 2025 while exploring another 10 new countries.