Bikham Information Technology: Integrating Abundant Value with Overarching, Accurate & Up-to-Date Services

Harman Dhawan, Founder & MD

Harman Dhawan

Founder & MD

Medical institutions nowadays prefer handing over medical billing &coding to the hands of experts with accurate coding capabilities, since it bestows them with higher & faster collection rates without any upfront investments akin to software, infrastructure or manpower. With technology evolving at breakneck speed and the ever-rising number of medical codes, no wonder hospitals hunt for end-to-end solution providers to not just cut down the knowledge transition cost but also to eradicate any chance of making mistakes in this sensitive domain. Standing out in sharp contrast even amongst this handful of end-to-end service providers is Bikham Information Technology, thanks to its exemplary value added services.

A well - beared Medical Billing & Coding organization with a decade long experience in end-to-end Hospital & Physician billing revenue cycle management services, Bikham has mastered the art of providing everything, right from patient registration & scheduling through Insurance Verifications, to claims scrubbing & submissions, ERA & EDI Enrolments, Accounts Receivables Follow up, Denial Management & Appeals, right up till Payment posting making sure the money goes into the hospital’s / physician’s bank account.Further propelling the company ahead of the competition is its unique attribute of encompassing all the three main constituents of running a hospital – medical billing & coding services, bookkeeping & accounting services, and IT support services – which are offered under single roof for a much reduced cost.

Widely Appreciated Value Adds
Standing strong as a tripod with these three pillars, Bikham is renowned for its free of cost value added services such as Patient follow-up Help Desk, Physician Credentialing and Insurance Verification services that ensure whether the patient is covered for the particular illness he is about to be treated for. Catering to clients across U.S, UK and Europe, France, Australia and New Zealand, Bikham has availed its dedicated call centre executives 24x7 to answer any issue (appointment or bill qualms for instance) of its clients’ patients as an add-on service that comes freely along with its medical billing & coding services. No wonder, this service is widely appreciated in the medical billing world, where no one is willing to provide ten hours of call center service.

Due to the involvement of hefty paper work, medical billing organizations usually shy away from the physician credentialing process, where in the doctors register with major insurance companies of America – leaving the hospitals to perform it in-house or outsource to other vendors. Bikham not only aids its doctors by managing the entire paper work to accomplish the credentialing process, but also get it renewed if there was a credentialing lapse – all for zero dollars. “Whenever I pitch our add-on Patient Follow-up and Physician Credentialing to any client, they’ve not just been happy but elated. While dedicating 20 seats for a client, I ensure that five seats are provided free of cost simply dedicated to Patient follow up and queries. I strongly believe: Happy Patients in turn create a Booming Practice,” proclaims Sonia.

As pleasant as a cherry on top is its product - Business Enhancer
Pro, which administers the entire brigade of Internet Marketing Services. Even a client availing any one of its service can buy this powerful value addition of Bikham to boost their Practice / Business by diving into the wide array of digital marketing services that Bikham’s Business Enhancer Pro product offers. Enhance their website, increase online presence on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube channels and so on), run Google Ad words campaigns , Create short explainer videos for a fraction of cost vis-à-vis other digital marketers. “It’s a win-win situation. When our clients acquire more patients, there will be more billing and thus we get more collections; it’s a beautiful circle,” explains Sonia.

Bikham offers a high degree of ustomization that allows clients to choose a particular part of its end-to-end service that can be charged on per-seat or hourly basis

IT Support & Accounts
The company provides reliable IT support to SMBs that covers Cloud, Remote IT Network, OS, Database, VPN & Firewall and server management support services to improve employee productivity, network performance & availability of core applications and reduce IT cost. Bikham’s seasoned team of accountants, CAs and CPAs proficiently provide accurate & high-quality Accounts Reconciliation Services, Bank Credit Card Reconciliation, Accounts Payables/ Receivables Maintenance, Taxation handling and Payroll management, Forensic Accounting, Preparation of Ageing Reports & Summaries and Virtual Accounting & Bookkeeping Services that would help a business to build credit and financial success.

Flexible to Clients Firm in Standards
Bikham offers a high degree of customization that allows clients to choose a particular part of its end-to-end service that can be charged on per-seat or hourly basis. While its collection model, where it charges a particular percentage of the total collections on behalf of a particular client in a month, is appreciated by smaller clinics / hospitals, Bikham’s Per Full Time Employee (FTE) model is an added bonus for larger hospitals with huge monthly revenues, turns out more feasible for them.

With 12 plus years of experience, the company is enriched with experience in handling specialities like Cardiology, Radiology, DME, Neurology, Internal medicine, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Gastroenterology, Orthopaedics, EMS Billing and many more. Bikham is highly capable of handling multiple specialities. “Primarily medical billing is more or less the same process; just the coding and Rules for each state are different. Since we have a team of highly experienced coders and R & D specialists, we can handle pretty much any specialty and state rules compliance becomes easy.” asserts Sonia.

Bikham takes HIPAA compliance very seriously and lays immense emphasis on adhering to every single point of the compliance. Moreover, Bikham’s R&D professionals constantly research new policies placed by American insurance companies akin to Medicare, Medicaid besides being up-to-date with cutting-edge trends, standards, codes

and other transformations the medical billing world undergoes. Besides organizing numerous internal training sessions, this dedicated R&D team keeps the employees up-to-date with the latest trends & technologies.
“We have dedicated trainers for every 25 people in each leg of our business to continuously train our staff. Not just in medical billing but in all streams, we ensure that everyone is up to international standards.If someone lacks even 0.1 percent of knowledge in the technology, we make sure that person is sent back in training to get up to speed with the client modules outlined.” asserts Sonia.This explains why many of its clients including Billing Precision (New Jersey &Florida), Affinity Billing (Florida) &Billing Dynamic (New Jersey) have been associated with Bikham, since its inception in 2005.

All Set to Make a Bigger Dent
Apart from multiplying its clients through referrals and enhancing its brand presence via online media, Bikham has built a solid Business Development (BD) team with its BD directors spread across major cities and states like Raleigh, New Jersey, Seattle, Chicago & Florida to adeptly close the deal. The company that tripled in terms of headcount and revenue in the past two years anticipates a tenfold growth in the next two years.Bikham projects taking up its current capacity of 300 seats in Mohali & Chandigarh to 500 by January,2018, while multiplying its clients count as well. With more expansion plans on cards akin to adding staffing services for industries like Hotel & IT primarily for U.S. in the coming months, Bikham is all geared up to make a bigger positive impact on the industry.

Key Management:
Harman Dhawan, Founder & MD
A result oriented, strategic & decisive leader with proven success, Harman possesses superior interpersonal skills, capability of resolving multiple complex (sales, human resources, legal, financial, operational) issues and motivating staff to peak performance.

Sonia Dhawan, CEO
Sonia’s successful decade-long IT experience in providing fiscal, strategic and operational leadership in uniquely challenging situations has been hugely beneficial for Bikham’s positive growth. Responsible for initiating the Medical Billing & coding stream of the business, she proficiently puts forth keen analysis & insights with team approach to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices for Bikham’s Hospital and Physician clients.

Offices: Mohali & Chandigarh(India),North Carolina (U.S.) and Ultimo (Australia)
• Healthcare:
Physician & Hospital Billing: Patient Scheduling, Eligibility & Benefits Verification, Pre-Authorization, Pre-registration / registration, Medical Coding, Charge Entry, Claims Generation (Paper/Electronic), Claims Generation (Paper/Electronic), Payment Posting, AR Follow-ups, Denial Management, Correspondences, Over payments, Faxing /Mailing of Appeals, Redeterminations / Re considerations and Dashboards & MIS among others

• Finance & Accounts / Bookkeeping
Accounting, Book Keeping, Payroll Processing, Accounts Payable/Receivables and Tax related Preparation. BIKHAM also provides a Full Service Tax and Financial Planning which has an Expertise in Tax Compliance, Wealth Protection and Wealth Management for America, Canada, Australia& New Zealand.

• IT Support
From Deploying & Managing Servers Remotely, creating Customized Mobile & Web Solutions to a simple Technical Help-Desk for internal employees, Bikham’s IT team has mastered it all.