Bharath Home Medicare: An Omnibus Home Healthcare Purveyor

Sarvanan M,,Co-Founder & CEO

Sarvanan M,

Co-Founder & CEO

Today, the days of our lives are all cooked up between professional obligations and personal engagements. The ceaseless brain-working on our loved one’s wellness, if sick, disorganizes the ‘work-life’ balance and thus adds to the disquiet tales of modern day living. To curb the strain in our story, Chennai-based home healthcare corporation, Bharath Home Medicare (BHMC),acts as a protagonist that provides world class holistic home health care services to all age groups at patients’door steps at affordable cost.

Incorporated in August 2015, BHMC’s team follow treatment plan & instruction of patient’s existing doctor/hospital. The patients are not only regularly monitored, but even bestowed with customized tariffs based on their requirements, making it one of the most affordable service providers. Tied up with several pharmaceutical companies, BHM Ceven furnishes a multitude of vaccines and hormone injections that are administered at the patient’s door step. With Transit Nurses available on hourly basis for procedures like wound dressing, catheterization, and IM/IV administration, the company provides quality specialized care for new born, stroke and palliative care. In addition to services like Nursingcare@home,
Physiotherapy@home, Doctor on call, Home diagnostics, Medical Equipment on rent/sale, and Home ICU/VENTILATOR/ ECG /PFT/ Audio metric, the team also conducts CNE (Continuous nursing education) program regularly in corporate hospitals and nursing homes to mould its professionals to efficiently serve patients at their home.

Before taking the service assignments, BHMC provides complete information regarding the services and process of treatment, thus giving a sigh of relief and brining in complete transparency between the stakeholders

The Cardinal Services
Under its flagship Nursingcare@home, BHMC caters to every need of the patients via its multitude of offerings ranging from Registered Nurses to Bedside Assistants. The Bedside Assistants are perpetrated to look after the patients day and night, reaching out to their daily needs like grooming & helping them in their daily task, while the Registered Nurses take care of medications and keep track of patient’s health. However, before taking the service assignments, BHMC provides complete information regarding the services and process of treatment, thus giving a sigh of relief and brining in complete transparency between the stakeholders. Adhering to regulations before committing to patients, it also ensures that patient /attender signup the consent and contract form. Leaving family members with
some one unknown and unverified can be traumatic, but with a proper background and police verification of its employees, BHMC assures cent percent safety.

BHMC life time membership card Elysium (onetime payment of Rs.999) entitles the card owners to one-time health check-up followed by health assessment by a physician, in addition to 20 percent discount on any future healthcare services. The team advices the patients whether to rent or buy medical equipment depending on need-basis, for instance, while ventilator, bi-pap, and c-pap can be put on rental, other products like air bed, mattresses, and patient cot can be purchased.

In association with leading hospitals & healthcare institutes like SRM Institute of Medical Sciences, Medway Medical centre, Apna care, Carefinder and many more, BHMC is keen on improving the efficiency and quality of its services. Venturing into a lot of up-gradations and innovative measures, the company operates on custom-built software that facilitates feedbacks through customized mobile applications, which helps in improving the operational expertise. Doctors view patients’ records in the digital form through EMR(Electronic Medical Record).

On the Road Ahead
Vesting upon the morale,‘organization driven by our people’, BHMC broke-even just within 14 months of its inception. Accomplishing a growth of over 100 percent year-over-year, BHMC is on the quest to betterits servicequality with each passing day. Operational in Chennai, Pondicherry, and Hyderabad at the moment, itplans its expansion to Bangalore and Pune in the near future and targets 15 major cities of India by 2020.