Be-Lite Diet Clinic: Creating Personalized Diet Plans based on Ayurveda, Naturopathy & Modern Techniques

Dr. Nalini Pandhi,Nutritionist

Dr. Nalini Pandhi


According to Ayurveda, the process of eating and the food we eat following our body composition (vatta, pitta or kapha) is something reverent and important for the development of consciousness as well as our physical health. Designing diet plans with a blend of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and modern techniques based on clients’ lifestyle and food culture is Dr. Nalini Pandhi (Nutritionist) through her Be-Lite Diet Clinic. Believing that every individual is different in their own body composition and constitution, the clinic offers personalized diet chart based on kitchen herbs and spices, herbal diuretic water (like ajwain, dalchini and methi ka pani) and allowance of fruits and vegetables. With a holistic approach, Be-Lite suggests nutrition that works on the internal well being of a person.

Post a detailed consultation on their daily routine and food intake, Dr. Nalini designs customized diet plans (options spanning from fruits, vegetables, millet, vegetarian, non vegetarian and vegan protein food) from early morning water, lunch, evening snacks to dinner. Every diet plan is crafted based on clients need, such as weight loss for diseases like PCOS,
thyroid, Uric acid, Cholesterol
pre & post natal pregnancy, and even Cancer. Be-Lite also offers sport nutrition (for athletes, gym going people, and cricketers), and Bridal Nutrition for bride and groomto help them improve their skin tone, texture, physique, overall health and look good on their big day.

Every diet plan is crafted based on clients need, such as weight loss for diseases like PCOS, thyroid, Uric acid, Cholesterol, pre & post natal pregnancy, and even Cancer

Today’s sedentary lifestyle calls for more care when it comes to food. Be-Lite helps professionals through its office diet management programs, and stress management workshops to maintain a healthy mind and body. The clinic also caters to child nutrition (10-15 years) and recommends tasty options that they cannot refuse, like milkshake, paneer, sand wich, paneer & besan chilla, sprouts, chicken sandwich, egg toast and scrambled egg that enhance their stamina, growth and brain development.

The Methodology
Prior to designing diet plans, blood test and BCA (body composition analysis) are conducted to get an insight on clients’lean body mass, visceral fat, and total fat-percentage in body, followed by counseling to analyze the actual amount of fat and weight to be lost and allergies if any. For people allergic to any food substance or having specific food choices (vegan, vegetarian or non-
vegetarian), Dr. Nalini adds substitutes accordingly to fill the nutrition gap. “Diet is an alternative therapy to detox the body. We suggest clients to follow the diet for a minimum three months to see fruitful results,” says Dr. Nalini. The clinic has also been providing online support to outstation clients. The clients can fill up the questionnaire post the blood test recommended by the clinic. This is followed by tele-counseling and then a customized diet plan is suggested post reviewing the body composition.

Serving clients across individuals, corporates and schools since past seven years, the clinic has garnered huge following and received several awards including Global Achievers Award-2017, National Healthcare Award-2015, and Global Lifestyle Award-2014, apart from Best Doctor and Healthcare 2017-2018 under the category of Best Clinical Dietitian in Chandigarh. Dr.Nalini has also been a part of Nutrition Society in India and Yoga Fest at Government College of Yoga and Health Education.

Banking on the benefits of Ayurveda and Naturopathy, Be-Lite looks forward to spread awareness on the useful kitchen herbs that can be substitute to harmful drugs. Currently developing customized app to encourage more personalized services to its clients, the clinic wants to bring new recipes for adults and children which can enhance their health and growth. Be-Lite looks forward to collaborate with hospitals and start lifestyle and therapeutic yoga classes for client.