Baruch Business Solutions (BBS): Customizing Credentialing Solutions with Dedicated Healthcare RCM Offerings

Hamsavardhan Mohan,Founder & CEO

Hamsavardhan Mohan

Founder & CEO

Going by the overall healthcare practice landscape, its key players; hospitals, clinics and healthcare management professionals often face numerous impediments in settling insurance-related payments. Recognizing this critical industry gap, California-headquartered Baruch Business Solutions India Private Limited (BBS) came into existence in 2016 to serve doctors, clinics, and hospitals with superior Revenue Cycle Management Consulting services.

In its attempt at being an end-to-end RCM solutions provider, BBS, operating out of Thanjavur, India, has since expanded to include a plethora of offerings alongside its RCM offerings such as Credentialing, Medical Coding & Billing, Medical Transcription; all indispensable to the medical domain. Highlighting one of these key business features, Hamsavardhan Mohan, Founder & CEO, BBS educates, "Credentialing is a core area in our business model but it is a very intricate process. It takes a minimum of 90 days timeframe for any of the providers to enroll with insurance companies, and numerous documents have to be verified in the process. Our trained billing professionals at BBS understand the highly complex cyclical process thoroughly and provide customized support to traverse through the winding maze of credentialing."
Cutting-edge solutions for streamlined performance
Specializing in the RCM service category, BBS has highly trained billing professional, highly certified coders, and auditing team to keep up with the ever-changing medical trends with the use of software to achieve higher levels of automation and minimize errors in varied tasks like patient registration to analysis of insurance denials and Account Receivables. This hi-tech adoption has ensured quality services, with the company faring in the highest levels of clean claim standards, having the most accurate billing and medical coding, continuously improving profit margins and revenues, and very notably, fortifying the security and confidentiality of business data of providers and patients alike.

Serving primarily the US healthcare practice vertical, BBS, ensures a heightened security system for the safekeeping of the immense critical data at its disposal. "When it comes to security, we have in place multiple steps to remain compliant; our servers are protected through the firewall, and added to that we have the geo-specific authorization, meaning the servers are only accessible from the location we operate.

With the pandemic, as employees started working remotely, we have arranged for specific employee authorizations like static IP mandate for accessing the data via cloud, so that our operations can seamlessly continue in keeping with the compliance," informs Mr. Hamsavardhan Mohan, adding further the company has a gridlock precaution in the event of technical failure, "Since all of our data are server-dependant, we have taken additional security measures in mirroring the servers which would mean a robust backup in case of any emergency and ensure smooth operations at our end."

Alongside fool-proof security and valued offerings, BBS in its early years of operations understood the value quality services play in mapping out customer retention and its growth. Sharing one such customer success story, Hamsavardhan says, "Our first client, "Southern California Vascular Institute, Inc" approached us in our early years hoping to drastically increase their revenue from $100,000 USD to 5 Million USD a year. And currently, they have secured 12 Million USD a year revenue overcoming several hurdles in their 6-year journey. We were able to recover about 75% of their CMS audits and improvise their revenue since its inception. A lot of meticulous efforts and hard work by the in-house went into servicing the clients, a testimony of which is reflected in the results and the client's continued partnership."

As a young and innovative RCM provider, BBS expects to grow exponentially, expanding to a 500+ team dispensing dedicated customized services to key industry players across the globe.