AyusLab: Enabling the Seamless Propagation of Medical Records

The emergence of wearable gadgets and AI algorithms is the driving factor for in-creased awareness about preventive health care. Smartphones with connectivity and multiple apps have accelerated the adoption of technology. This has presented an immense potential for healthcare technology applications in the country. The diagnostic market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.4% and reach $32 billion by 2022.

With the understanding that diagnostic health information plays a vital role in improving the quality of health care delivery, two engineers from Mangalore, Vishnu Shashank B, and Vijendra Rao K, started to build an app in 2014 to enable the propagation of diagnostic reports between patients and doctors. On realizing that there is a need for a quality EMR (Electronic Medical Record) System for small and midsized laboratories and hospitals, the duo built and launched AyusLab, a cloud based EMR with LIS.

AyusLab is working towards integrating medical records across multiple health care providers in the private health care sector via the mobile app named AyusCare. With standard protocols like HL7 and presented to patients and doctors in a consolidated way, the platform has en-abled for faster access to accurate data. It is helping Doctors and Health care workers in quick decision making. AyusCare brings the providers, patients, payers, doctors on a single platform with access to information on their fingertips. The fact that the platform focuses on the source of data and standardization of health records has helped AyusLab to carve out a niche in this space.

AyusCare - A Multifaceted Healthcare Mobile App
At its core, AyusCare is a simple mobile app to view and share diagnostic reports. The app also offers other benefits to doctors by sending an alert when a patient's test reading reaches a critical value. Thus, enabling the Doctor to take immediate preventive action. This is especially useful when managing cases like pregnancy.

Apart from this, the app displays a delta graph for each of the tests helping doctors assess the progress of an ailment. This is
particularly useful for individuals who undergo treatments for chronic illnesses like diabetes, cardiac diseases, renal diseases, etc. The app also gives an insight into the effectiveness of treatment or dietary changes.

The platform's key strength is the back-end cloud EMR used by Health Care providers, including doctors, lab-oratories, and Hospitals. The system captures accurate data along with the source and is pushed to the AyusCare app. The platform's unique feature is its simplicity and scalability in helping health care providers streamline their operations. Patients get a personal digital health record that can be securely accessed when in need, while the doctors are presented with timely reports helping in decision making.

Vishnu Shashank B, Founder,Vijendra Rao K, Co-founder

Add to this Further, AyusCare is gearing up to introduce personalized reporting with the help of AI algorithms and curated data. For healthcare providers, there are additional useful features like teleradiology, telemedicine with video consultation, and digital writing pad as well.

Leading Player in-home Healthcare Services
The AyusCare App has over 50000 plus downloads on Google play store, and a strong network of diagnostics and hospital ­ over 1000 strong and growing.

The company is backed by a US-based angel investor, Ventura Capital, led by health care technology experts, and Bangalore based NewFort Ventures. The team together is helping AyusLab draw a global roadmap and tune out the offerings for the betterment of the overall health of the population.

The company has recently started expanding to Sub-Saharan African countries, beginning with installations in Kenya, Nigeria, and Madagascar.

Technology-based patient engagement strategies are enabling increased financial independence for patients in their health care decisions, in addition to improving interactions with their health care systems. With access to multiple connected devices coupled with the instant ac-cess of wellness data and diagnostic data, AyusLab is on course of becoming the largest repository of health records in India.