Awesome Snoozie: A Baby's Comfort & a Mother's Dream

Neha Bhasin,Founder & Partner
Neha Bhasin, Founder & Partner

Modern parents who unhesitatingly work hard for a better standard of living for their family and fulfil their dreams, desire a fashionable and stylish room with a unique nursery, and play area /rooms for their kids. The online sites fail to offer exclusive products with contemporary touch, which modern parents’ wish to have. There exists some selective shops and online sites, but their limited designs don’t appeal to new parents. Realizing this market gap and being a mother her self, Neha Bhasin (Founder & Partner) established Awesome Snoozie Interiors, a one-stop-shop for baby nurseries, toddler rooms and play rooms. “It’s not only about me, but it is a reflection of every mother in the world today,” says Neha who has perfectly blended parenthood with her passion for interior designing.

Ensuring Superior Quality
Clearly understanding how special
the little ones are to their parents and how incredibly exclusive rooms every mother desires for her baby, the management team (head designer and supervisor), graphics team, marketing team, staff of skilled and unskilled labourers at Awesome Snoozie are constantly in pursuit of achieving quality and ensuring utmost care in providing their clients all that they demand. Eclipsing the competition as the only kid’s interior designing company that has its own manufacturing unit for furniture and soft furnishings, the company customizes every element in its decor & interiors to the minutest detail as per client’s needs. However, Awesome Snoozie offers both customization and ready-to-deliver options.

"Awesome Snoozie customizes every element in its decor & interiors to the minutest detail as per client’s needs"

While the constant features of baby nurseries include crib, changing tables, nest of tables, feeding chair, wardrobe and sitting, the main feature of the toddler’s room are a bed and a study desk. A few of the designs are very popular amongst clients but majority have their own ideas, which the company adeptly designs for them. Awesome Snoozie’s dedication for constantly innovating designs, finishes, concepts, fabrics, and trends on a
daily basis place them above its competitors. “No two rooms can be the same and no two client briefs are the same,” divulges Neha. Not only the product quality is high and durable, Awesome Snoozie also provides an excellent after-sales service too.

Besides using paragon-free paints, the company also ensures that all its furniture and bedding adhere to International regulations & safety guidelines. It has collaborated with many international vendors including Hunter Douglas and FCML for wall concepts, blinds and tiles. It also works with International designers like Pretty Prints, Little Hands Illustrations and Andrew Martin for its design needs.

Making its Way to the Future
Awesome Snoozie is a startup looking to make a mark and establish itself in the Indian market with an international touch without any investment from outside. The current revenue growth of the company is four to six percent and it anticipates the same to increase to seven to nine percent in the present fiscal year. “The only thing that we as a team want to say is that in our work we hope to achieve and reflect the unconditional commitment of every mother in the world today,” concludes Neha.