Aussin Intensive Care: Streamlining Healthcare Operations through End-to-End Consultancy Services

 Jaimin Patel,     Director

Jaimin Patel


Recognized as one of the largest sectors in the Indian economy, the healthcare industry has witnessed staggering developments over the years. “The landscape, which had only a few multi-specialty hospitals in a city, has grown to encompass one multi or super-specialty hospital in every area. India has also scaled up its hospital infrastructure to match that of the foreign sector. With the increasing demand for healthcare to tackle the onset of new viruses and the growing natural crises, the industry is set to grow more”, cites Jaimin Patel, an industry juggernaut and founder of Aussin Intensive Care (AICPL), a premier hospital consulting firm.

However, on the flip side, the rapid shift has also been pushing the hospitals to keep pace in terms of their medical equipment, infrastructure, financial and legal systems, and workforce, all of which can become burden some if not managed efficiently. But with the unparalleled support of professional consultants, hospitals can efficiently provide high-quality, cutting-edge care, while also achieving profitable growth. Established with a mission to provide the most comprehensive healthcare to society, AICPL stands a cut above the rest of such consultancies through its world-class consulting services devised for the biomedical, healthcare, and hospital domains.

Today, AICPL is not just a name but has been a pillar of strength for more than 150 clients. The company started its journey by servicing the government sector and catering biomedical maintenance services to the defense force. The service portfolio slowly grew to include the sale of medical equipment and healthcare consultancy. As a consultant, the company guides the owners and doctors to build and design the hospitals, right from floors to an ICU or OT room as per JCI, NABH, and NABL accreditations, with each accreditation handled by a separate dedicated team of highly qualified personnel. The adept team also helps cut construction costs strategically by offering various cost-effective options to choose from.

AICPL stands a cut above the rest of the consultancies through its worldclass consulting services devised for the biomedical, healthcare, & hospital domains

Claimed to be the largest and fastest-growing biomedical service provider, AICPL hosts end-to end equipment and capital asset management programs aimed at streamlining operations. The team also provides multiple products for ICU, OPD, OT, and radiology, including refurbished devices. Additionally, the company ensures proper installation and timely maintenance of equipment. In fact, it holds a distinct recognition of repairing equipment that was previously declared dead by an engineer, and the repair was done at an economical price. Understanding the rising demand for healthcare professionals, AICPL assists hospitals in recruiting the best suited experts, irrespective of the department. In addition, the agency also dons the cap of a marketer to empower their customers to achieve a competitive advantage through advertising and other value-based marketing strategies.

Apart from its innovative solutions, AICPL is also widely acknowledged for its team of 28 best minds, with each of them specializing in a different service category. Due to such excellence, the firm has been recognized with an ISO certificate and several accolades in the state of Gujarat. En route to a brighter future, the company is currently engaged in the projects of a 1080-bed medical college and a 300-bed hospital in Gujarat and intends to build projects in different states in the next five years. With a firm foothold in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Nehru Nagar and Patel Nagar of Delhi, the firm looks forward to expanding its geographical presence in the upcoming years.