Integra Ventures: Specialized Consultancy For Development Of Projects In The Healthcare Sector

 Dr. Vijay P. V.,  Partner & Senior Consultant

Dr. Vijay P. V.

Partner & Senior Consultant

Healthcare is undergoing fast transition and with its inequitable distribution, non-standardized delivery and expensive care models what is required is aggressive transformational strategies and initiatives without disrupting on-going operations with an innovative approach. Since its inception in 2012, Integra Ventures (IV) is thriving to deliver unparalleled standards of excellence in healthcare. IV is a multifaceted healthcare projects & management consultancy and execution firm, delivering integrated turnkey solutions to the diversified healthcare industry enabling its clients to achieve desired results across its service domains comprising Healthcare Infrastructure Development, Healthcare Consulting Solutions, Public health Consultancy & Academics, Training & Capacity Building. It has a pan India presence with international footprints in Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Kenya.

The company works with proprietors, corporates, trust foundations, governments, civil societies, multilateral/bilateral agencies & impact funds, across diverse domains. “Integra Ventures have rich experience of working since 2012 both in the Public and the Private sectors in various service domains of the healthcare industry. At IV, we offer comprehensive healthcare services under one roof. With a multi-disciplinary team and diverse experience of over a decade, we know how to overcome the challenges in the healthcare sector", shares, Dr. Vijay P. V., Partner & Senior Consultant, Integra Ventures.

Eyes on Excellence
Integra Ventures is the Healthcare Consulting division of Pratiksha group of Hospitals in
India. Pratiksha Hospitals is an established name in India, with over 30 years of experience in providing quality healthcare. Its medical excellence, patient-centric approach, focus on scientific research, and transparent practices has made it one of the most trusted and valued providers in the field. The group has its presence across India 2 Hospitals (Guwahati and Dibrugarh) and another super specialty Hospital in Uzbekistan. The company lives and breathes healthcare, and it is inspired by clients’ successes to improve care for patients. At IV, we provide Evidence Based Consultancy Services, Subject Matter Expertise, Patient Centred Approach, and Innovative Practical Solutions. “IV’s multi disciplinary team enables our firm to be a one stop shop for all our clients’ healthcare project needs. We have Change Leaders from Healthcare Quality Assurance across India. Also, we have an extensive experience in Training and Capacity Building in the Healthcare sector”, states Dr. Vijay.

We drive results through advisory & execution. We take pride in our work with an eye for detail & focus on quality, depth of knowledge, expertise & research

For Integra Ventures being the experts, opportunities in healthcare sector of India and abroad are plentiful. The company supports their clients from India and Abroad in both private and public sector to navigate the complexities of the modern healthcare system, from hospital design and construction to process optimization and quality improvement. Over the years, the focus has been shifted towards the patient centric approaches, process optimization and cost reduction. There is also a growing trend towards the integration of healthcare services. The integration of services can improve the continuity of care, reduce healthcare costs, and improve patient outcomes.

This has led to the adoption of new technologies such as telemedicine and digital health, which have the potential to improve patient outcomes and increase access to care. IV helps the healthcare entities/ hospitals integrate new technologies into their operations, adopt best practices from around the world and implement them in their own settings and improve the patient outcomes. “We offer customized comprehensive solutions to Medical Entrepreneurs, Single/multi-Specialty Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Nursing Colleges, Dental Colleges, and Allied Sciences Institutes. As Healthcare Consultants, we apply scientific methods in our consulting approach”, says Dr. Vijay.

With the healthcare landscape rapidly evolving, it's crucial for healthcare organizations to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. Integra Ventures has been working in the industry for more than a decade and is very aware of the changing trends of this industry. IV will continue to play a critical role in supporting hospitals and healthcare organizations to navigate the changing healthcare landscape and improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare in India and abroad.