Aura: A Comprehensive Speech & Hearing Clinic

Iera Kaul Sharma,  Founder

Iera Kaul Sharma, Founder

A lot of medical & healthcare companies are at the brink of developing breath taking solutions. From the olden days of analog hearing aids to brain learning, artificial intelligence and auto sense. The size of hearing aids has changed drastically. Due to these advancements, hearing has become much easier and natural unlike earlier times, where it sounded artificial and unpleasant. With the remarkable progress in the field, individuals are now showing more acceptance than considering devices as taboo.

Aura is one such clinic that is an amalgamation of an excellent mix of EARS of experience and technology which provides latest diagnostic and complete rehabilitative services for individuals with any/all kind of speech and hearing problems, where by it leverages on modern equipment and high-class tailor-made facilities. Committed to providing professional and quality hearing healthcare, the company, actively takes part in various activities to educate clients, like conducting workshops at preschools so that they can identify them at a young age, and help them lead a happy life.

“Regardless of age, no hearing
impairment is insignificant for us. We welcome everyone, who enters our door, work together to provide unsurpassed quality of care, and effectively improve the quality of life for our patients with hearing loss,” says Iera Kaul Sharma, Founder, Aura, a seasoned RCI Certified Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist/Speech Therapist.

"Aura works with the family of the individual, and not just the patient who is affected, thereby creating a whole new perspective in the journey towards effective treatment"

Meet the Specialists – Rare & Powerful in All Aspects
Aura is skilfully and handily maneuvered by Iera Kaul Sharma, who is a BASLP graduate from a very reputed college, Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, and professionally she is very result-driven and passionate. She has 13+ years of experience across various fields and has worked in Cleft - Children International (CCI), a prestigious project of Switzerland, Zurich, and also she has done community-based work project as part of her paper presentations.

Before setting up Aura in 2017, she has worked with a reputed clinic in Delhi, where she has gained experience in the field of cochlear implant rehabilitation. Also, she is extremely passionate about working with the pediatric population and is regularly updating her work skills. The clinic is regularly advertising and conducting workshops at grass root levels to bring in a large amount of clientele. Interestingly, the interiors of the clinic are, designed such that it is welcoming,
child-friendly and no individual feels claustrophobic, unlike other clinic-setup in the region.

“There are other service providers in this region of the same field, but they do not provide complete or satisfactory services under one roof,” mentions Iera. Furthermore, Aura works with the family of the individual, and not just the patient who is affected, thereby creating a whole new perspective in the journey towards effective treatment. Also, the clinic offers various discounts on a number of occasions so that the hearing aids with digital technology are in reach, even to people of lower social- economic background.

The Future Sounds Good!
In a short span of two years, the company has achieved good growth in terms of clients and revenue. A lot of their clients are, referred via word-of-mouth, which speaks for the brand Aura. “Schools trust us and are a vital part of our clinic. More than anything, creating goodwill and trust in the Brand for the clinic is one of our biggest achievements, and this brings us immense pleasure” Iera, smiles.

Haryana-based Aura has big plans ahead of it, where the company is planning to raise more awareness in the city towards speech and hearing problems. And make the city more inclusive and acceptable for individuals with speech and hearing difficulties. To create awareness in co-professionals about how important early diagnosis and can help in early intervention. Taking this to the next level, Aura is planning to team up with other professionals to expand its horizon of providing quality services in this region.