Aumni Hearing Services: Rendering Comprehensive & State-of-the-Art Audiology Services Under One Roof

Manisha Suru,Consultant Audiologist

Manisha Suru

Consultant Audiologist

Comprehending patients’ perturbations precisely, empathetically providing insights on what to expect from an audiology treatment, and conveying realistic benefits rather than promising them a whole new sky differentiate an experienced audiologist from the flood of consultants. Enriched with 21 years of experience as an audiologist & speech therapist including four years of service in Indian Armed Forces, Manisha Suru spearheads Aumni Hearing Services to serve people suffering from hearing impairment – from elderly patients to young babies who are born deaf. Banking on her valuable experience and expertise to suggest economical hearing solutions, Aumni Hearing Services is the region’s most advanced state-of-the-art speech & hearing clinic offering latest diagnostic devices, hearing aids and other solutions under one concrete roof.

“With a full-fledged audiology set up, we diagnose, treat and implement hearing aids, and thus helping people not only hear, but also communicate, and develop spoken language skills by the best use of technological interventions,” avers
Manisha, Consult Audiologist & Speech Therapist, Aumni Hearing Services, who holds a Master’s degree in audiology and speech therapy from Topiwala National Medical College.

From basic Audiometry to Impedance Audiometry and Speech Audiometry, Aumni Hearing Servicesoffers all the latest methodologies to diagnose the flaws in hearing

Moving Ahead with Trends
From basic Audiometry to Impedance Audiometry and Speech Audiometry, Aumni Hearing Services offers all the latest methodologies to diagnose the flaws in hearing. The clinic also avails Free Field Audiometry to diagnose hearing impairment in children. Depending upon patient’s diagnostic report and past history of their ear, Aumni Hearing Services suggests hearing aids, and also gives demonstration.

The clinic offers latest hearing solutions from international brands like Widex, Phonak, Siemens, Sonic, Starkey, and Oticon, which come with two years of warranty and offer the best possible output. Indeed, Aumni Hearing Services constantly updates itself in terms of leveraging latest technologies. A perfect example being the delivery of wireless & iPhone compatible hearing aids, which can be connected with iPhone and even
smart TVs and telephones through an app in which you can adjust the hearing level. Furthermore, it is also looking forward to avail recharge able hearing aids to mitigate the pain of changing batteries every now and then.

Aumni Hearing Services boasts of world-class patient care. It’s not only that the entire team gives you one-on-one attention, but also the center insists patients for three compulsory visits - to diagnose (first visit), to customize their hearing aid (second visit), and eventually to give their feedback after a week (third visit). In fact, even post this, patients are heartily welcomed whenever they find their hearing deteriorating or need some changes in their aid. Aumni’s major clientele however includes elderly people, aging around 75-100 years, along side many CEOs.

The Big Missions Ahead
Though refrains of partnerships, Manisha offers on-demand consulting for Cochlear Implant Surgery, and performs post-implant checks. A tech-savvy medical professional who constantly updates herself by attending conferences, she has several big plans for Aumni Hearing Service sen route to the future.With quite a rewarding revenue growth in its first financial year, the clinic looks forward to join hands with hospitals to introduce neonatal hearing screening and universal hearing screening through which each & every new-born child will be tested for hearing impairment before taken home. Manisha also speaks of expanding her clinic in African countries in the month of May, since her overseas clients are mostly based out of Africa.