ASSAY Clinical Research: Steering the CRO Industry with its International proven Solutions and Services

Sudharsham M. Chandran,Managing Director

Sudharsham M. Chandran

Managing Director

The global contract research organization market value reached $39 billion in 2018 and is expected to exceed $51 billion by 2024. The CROs have become an important partner to biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies, in the development of new compounds as well as clinical study and clinical trial assistance for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Significantly, one of the key players in this segment with three physical offices in the UK, India, and West Africa, striving to exhibit the future of clinical trial management by leveraging innovative technologies is ASSAY Clinical Research. Established in 2012, ASSAY Clinical Research is proud to be successfully entering its 10th year. The firm has come a long way in terms of enhancing its services not just in the clinical trial sector, but also in post marketing studies, marketing approval services, market insights, MAA (Marketing Authorization Application) facilitation, regulatory intelligence, and QPPV services.

ASSAY has been able to fine tune its processes on a regular basis owing to constant consumer feedback. As a novel strategy, the company has made its market Innovative Digital tool like E-feasibility, Ethics committee Management Sytem, Learning Management System, Integreted eTMF and eISF available on the open source market, allowing the maximum number of users the subscription through stem council initiative and use them. 300 sites, 150 ECs, 70
vendors, and CROs have signed up and are using the system. All of these strategies have enabled ASSAY to advance toward Decentralized clinical trials (DCT) in addition to the traditional model, which is becoming the future of clinical trial management. “We are the knowledge and technology partners for the STEM council which holds a platform hosting a variety of systems including Ethics Committee Management System, Marketplace, efeasibility system. We are aiming to integrate Learning Management System and eCRF, eTMF and eISF to this platform in the coming quarters to enhance its usability and expand its scope,” signifies Sudharsham M. Chandran, Managing Director.

ASSAY Clinical Research strives to exhibit the future of clinical trial management by leveraging innovative technologies

Clinical research organizations(CROs) typically oversee clinical trials and may assist in the marketing of the products for which they conducted the trials. Marketing a product in the EU/ UK, on the other hand, necessitates clients registering their offices in the country, which is a time consuming and often complex process owing to Brexit. No other CRO has agreed to carry out marketing operations for products that have been approved elsewhere in the globe and the client wishes to market in the EU/UK markets. Organizations from China, India, and other Asian countries require these services. ASSAY has pioneered this. Further, ASSAY qualifies for UK R&D tax relief. Research and Development(R&D) reliefs support companies that work on innovative projects in science and technology. This is supportive of the fact that its technologies are being recognized by the UK R&D department. Significantly, ASSAY is rendering project setup, monitoring, and site management for the COVID-19 vaccine trials, which is a highly challenging and demanding setup. Due to its comprehensive experience and teamwork, the firm has been able to successfully deliver its services since the beginning of the pandemic.

Since its inception in 2012, the firm has come a long way from being a CRO to becoming a technology oriented CRO to today where it has become an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, in addition to being GDPR, CRF compliant and is now working towards ISO certification of technology security. Despite the pandemic, ASSAY has achieved 35% - 40% growth since the end of 2020 (turnover). Further, with the installation of new technologies and an enhanced strategy, the company hopes to achieve a 50% increase in turnover in 2022.