Ascribe Healthcare Solutions: IT-enabled Services with Transparency, High-Quality and Timely-delivery

Jaisheela Padmanabhan B.P.T, CPC,Founder and CEOFounded by Jaisheela Padmanabhan - a first-generation woman entrepreneur, Ascribe Healthcare Solutions supports healthcare providers, medical billing companies, and revenue cycle software companies in six countries including United States, Middle-East Asia, and Australia. Jaisheela learned the way of dealing with business and life, the hard way. The stumbling blocks taught her the value of life and made her think out-of-the-box.

As a person with a deep commitment to success, she ideated Ascribe Healthcare Solutions with more than a decade of experience in the healthcare industry and extensive operational and financial expertise. With experience in leading teams of diverse backgrounds such as Operations Management, Process Management, Client Management & Service Delivery, she gained cross-functional expertise incubating new practices with an ability to conceptualize process strategies, improvise client satisfaction, and optimize resource utilization.

Her leadership experience trans-formed her into a result-oriented professional. It helps the clients to cultivate growth through the knowledge and commitment of our revenue cycle workforce, global delivery model, technology, and operations excellence. In recognition, she was awarded Asia-One 40 Most Influential under 40 Indians 2019 - 2020 and, India's Top 30 Businesswomen 2020 by The CEO magazine.
Under her leadership, Ascribe received the Fastest Growing Indian Company 2019 excellence award by International achievers summit and awards, Dubai.

Vision, Mission, and Values
At the core of Ascribe Healthcare Solutions are Integrity, transparency, quality, and time-boundedness. The company creates an operational environment that compliant with the healthcare industry regulations. "We sit in India and work for global clients, therefore, it is important to build trust.

We are a completely transparent brand. We let the client know the in-and-out of what's happening and refer them to some of the best solution providers in case they look for services that are not part of our brand's niche. We work with honesty and integrity in each interaction with our clients. We operate ethically.

We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. Positively impacting the community and giving back to the community and country in a meaningful way," says Jaisheela Padmanabhan, Founder.

Ascribe Healthcare Solutions practices a system of self-regulation whereby all the processes adhere to the law, ethics, and international environmental norms

She further adds, "Our goal is to provide free education to 10,000 children. For this, we want to go global and be a global leader in providing healthcare services and business process outsourcing services. Amidst the uncertain conditions of the pandemic, we expect 30 to 40 percent revenue growth and look forward to creating more employment opportunities across the globe.

We also want to bring the services to India, in form of automation to reduce patient wait time in government hospitals and make every-thing digital.”

Ascribe Healthcare Solutions believes in giving back to society and, it proactively works towards promoting community growth and safe guarding our ecosystem.

"We work for free education of kids. Whatever it is, we do not com-promise the work with our clients, employees, and suppliers. We certify people in Medical Coding from the American Association of Professional Coders. And arrange weekly training sessions, crash courses on technologies, and industry updates. Most importantly, we focus on the knowledge side of the employees," she informs.