Anvita India: Bestowing Tailor - Made Online Reputation Management Services to Healthcare Players

Hemant Radhakrishnan, Founder,John Philip, COOIn today’s digitally connected world, brands are created and killed online in no time. From an exposure by national news to obnoxious online reviews, all fine points go viral at a phenomenal speed, wherein a single visible negative comment or review can sow a seed of distrust about the brand. And if this fanfare multiplies in bleak light, the reputation value certainly hits the bottom line while negatively impacting the business. Thus, enterprises need to be ultra conscious about their online reputation, which can only be achieved via proper customer care.

In present scenario, negative link is like a glitch, more it divides, more it takes brands down, especially for healthcare sector. The fix to this negative link removal is aptly offered by Thrissur based Anvita India. This 2009-founded company kick started its online reputation management (ORM) division after serving healthcare industry with backroom digital operations, including PR/marketing for 10 long years.

Its ORM division caters on three stacks: to track & assess every client related post emerging anywhere online, to strategize a suitable response, and to objectively & persuasively put out the hospital version to counter the incriminating post. Anvita India is creating exceptional niche in the industry by providing tailor made ORM solutions based on clients’ desire & strategy, which vary according to their locations & specialties,and demographic psychology of patients.

Well Oiled Mechanism
Built around well-oiled mechanism, the firm closely works with hospitals and interacts with patients to crack their common pain points and recommend improvement measures to management, thereby preventing brands from acquiring negative feedbacks on public domains. In case the client has already built up a bad reputation among patients, it propounds necessary steps and recovery modules, helping them to regain their brand status while changing the patient perception. As a complete ORM care giver, Anvita India makes the beneficial patients aware about strengths of the hospital and leverages their benevolence to create good reputation of the organization. Once the organization has framed good position on various online/offline forums, its faults/bad incidents are dried out without much complication. “In India, companies don’t understand the power of individual person in the digital world, which comes as a huge challenge for us. Till now, we have witnessed majority of fire fighting cases with only one/two prevention, where in we laid the
foundation and leverage it to avoid & preserve fire fight,” professes Hemant Radhakrishnan, Founder, Anvita India.

Anvita India closely works with hospitals and Interacts with patients to crack their common pain points and recommend improvement measures to management

With rising fault cases and defensive nature of care givers that requires ORM expertise, Anvita India trends on preventing the clients from getting into mudslinging & defensive mood by keeping the conversation open, resolving the issue and finally provoking the individual himself to remove his/her wrong comment/review from various forums. Generally, the company tries to resolve cases outside the court with the help of medico legal experts through pure customer care & PR activities and offers good settlement to the patient(incase hospital is culprit), where in all the communication is done via clients’channel under its expert guidance. For the court cases, Anvita India supports clients with all legal opinion and ascertains all settlements are done legally.

Dynamic Workforce
Anvita India is managed by a team of dynamic professionals with rich experience in all axes of ORM, where in its two directors Hemant & John Philip (COO) bring in 16-18 years of experience individually. The team not only regularly interacts on international platforms and monitors how each good case is handled and their learning aspects, but also closely tracks failure & success of ORM cases on the international & local sphere to brief employees on what has been done before & what needs to be done. The company that focuses on continuous knowledge upgradation upholds a back office e-library Shalimar, where employees can find active records of each case, including case studies, methodologies followed and end results. “We as an organization are far superior to many of the large corporate agencies in terms of knowledge and experience in handling cases,” proclaims the duo.

Backed by such an enthusiastic workforce, Anvita India is looking forward to expand its footprint in international market and enter into other domains. “We started with zero revenue and today, we are close to Rs.2 crore in 10 years. For the first couple of years, we grew exponentially and henceforth maintain 20-30 percent annual growth. We are also keeping our things open for the venture capital investment in order to continue our exponential growth rate,”concludes Hemant.

Key Management
Hemant Radhakrishnan, Founder
Prior to establishing Anvita India, Hemant gained wide experience in online domain and served firms like IndiaMart Intermesh, BPL Cellular and NEST BPO Services.

John Philip, COO
John has a wealth of experience in journalism, mass communication, media relations and PR and has worked with various renowned media and production houses, both in India & abroad.

Offices:Thrissur, Bangalore (regional)and PAN India

Services:Online Reputation Management Services, Internet Marketing, Public Relations Media Consultancy & Liasoning, Event Management and Brand Build