AlaMirap: Revolutionizing The Concept Of Health & Wellness Through Reverse Engineering

Parimala Jaggesh,Founder & Director

Parimala Jaggesh

Founder & Director

Sanjiv Naik, a Bangalorean-techie who originally hails from the outskirts of the city, had just subscribed to an online fitness platform that advertised their quick weight loss diet with a Rs.999/month tag on Instagram. The first SMS hit his phone the very next day. It read, “Hello Sanjiv, thanks for joining our platform. The customized premium breakfast suggestion for the day: one slice of Whole-wheat Bread with Peanut Butter”. I have to confess that it’s an excellent piece of advice, especially given the health benefits of wheat bread and peanut butter, but just that ‘the premium suggestion’ is one of the most popular health tips the world over. Sanjiv, a typical south Indian who has been in love with Dosa & Idli for as long as he can remember, was determined to suppress his cravings and follow the strict diet to reduce his weight.

Epitomizing many of us, his fight for fitness only lasted 18 days, but with no eventual victory. Sanjiv soon went back to his favorite food indulgence, muting the SMS subscription that annoyed him. Millions of fitness fights in the lost cause like Sanjiv’s contribute to India’s infamous reputation as the diabetic capital of the world. Is love for food accountable for this? Answer is NO. Bestowing an answer to this long ventilated query through a sustainable solution in the light of more than 15 years of wisdom is Parimala Jaggesh (Founder & Director) – a techno-dietitian and a Health & Wellness coach from California Institute of Integral Studies. Over the past three years, her organization AlaMirap has effectuated the revolutionary concept of reverse engineering for health and wellness through its trademark program – GLAM Diet (Glucose Level Assisted Monitoring Diet), which is a unique blend of latest Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) technology and ancient cooking wisdom.

The Sustainable Way
“Come weight loss, people always look for the shortcuts. When you have come a long way in the path of an unhealthy lifestyle, how could you possibly imagine that there is a magical way to get back? You have to take a U-turn and go all the way on the opposite line. But in the process, you can’t uproot a person from his food habits on one fine day. We call it diet; but in truth, it is just starving you for a month. You easily give-up,” opines Parimala. She continues, “We need a sustainable lifestyle change using the ingredients available in your own kitchen. It’s not only that anyone could reduce weight, we assure that the sugar level of any type-2 diabetes patient regardless of their age can be brought under control without them eventually going back to what they were before, helping them lead a healthy life in the process. It’s a challenge that we are always in for.” Her confidence can be traced back to her happy, healthy life over the past 25 years, despite being a type-2 diabetes patient.

AlaMirap offers neither products nor a fixed diet chart, but reverse engineers your lifestyle to its best version, implicating the fun-fact behind its name (try reading it in reverse). Parimala elucidates, “Imagine that a person loves having banana. Instead of asking them to stop it, we ask them to have a certain amount of unsaturated fat, like a teaspoon of peanut butter, which brings the sugar level under control and they can continue having bananas. Be it anyone who eats non-veg regularly or even drinks alcohol, our policy is not to judge and find-out the best combination of food for them, the GLAM Diet way”.

Fitness has No Age
While most fitness programs directly begin with a predefined diet chart that tosses the possibility of fitting your body & lifestyle, with AlaMirap, everything starts from a blood test and a comprehensive study of the results and propagates through face-to-face or often online interactions (subjective to the client’s choice). It further uses an AKA-approved CGM sensor, which is developed by one of the 10 most reputed pharmaceutical companies in the world. The tiny piece of technological marvel which consists of a filament as thin (0.044mm) as a hair, stays on your arm and makes contact with the first layer of interstitial cell to create 1400 blood
result readings over a period of 14 days (100 readings per day). The blood glucose readings start getting generated within an hour of applying CGM sensor, which is of paramount importance in identifying the best food combinations for an individual. It is indeed akin to taking an MRI scan of every food that you consume in a day! The company analyzes the effect of every single meal in your body and helps you find the best combination out of the ingredients available in your kitchen and your ‘foodfortzone’ according to the entailed outcome, which can be diabetic control, weight loss or leading an overall healthy lifestyle. Since the results indeed are visible in the second week itself, clients’ interest and determination remain intact. The firm further assigns every client with a nutritionist who ensures regular interaction and that the weekly reports are shared with the backend team.

As AlaMirap’s modus operandi works with every single person regardless of his/her age, it boasts of a whopping 100 percent success rate amidst a huge 5000 people strong clientele. This includes a huge number of politicians, artists, and even sports personalities who get access to a large set of blood sugar attributes that could make a huge difference in their performance. No wonder Parimala has been constantly in the limelight with huge media exposure.

We assure that the sugar level of any type-2 diabetes patient regardless of their age can be brought under control without them eventually going back to what they were before

A Great Anecdote
However, limelight is nothing new for the Jaggesh-family. For Parimala & her husband Jaggesh – the iconic Sandalwood actor, director, and producer, life has always been an adventure and anecdote of courage. It doesn’t start and end with AlaMirap. Winding back the pages, in 1984, Jaggesh and Parimala, who were 20 and 15 years old respectively, got married after a sweet school love story. Parimala’s family opposed the marriage and filed six cases against the actor, including abduction of a minor that made him approach apex court for relief. In the case that attracted significant media attention, moved by the couple’s story, the then Chief Justice Bhagavathi gave the verdict in their favor. Even today, the judgment is used as a citation.

However, the couple went-on to live their life, a successful one, with Jaggesh becoming an iconic actor and Parimala completing her studies and pursuing her career as an architect. But when she was a 24 year old mother, diabetes hit her, forcing her to take more care of her health. She soon made a career shift – to the medical field as a medical transcriptionist. Over the next 15 years, she made her mark in the field by growing from the position of a basic transcriptionist to the highest pinnacles in the profession. Coupling her extensive insights into the secondary medical complexities with constant research, she launched AlaMirap in 2017. “Even though I was in my late 40s, I never stopped learning. I went-in as a student, got certified, and for my 50th birthday, the gift I gave myself was my Health & Wellness certification from California Institute of Integral Studies,” she adjoins.

The Vision Forward
After igniting a wellness revolution over the span of three years, Parimala today is busy taking AlaMirap to the next level and a wider segment of people. A year back, she conducted a training course for 1000 women within a Facebook community called Bangalore Women Power (has close to one lakh members), and witnessing the overwhelming response, the number of participants has risen to 5000 women this year.

Parimala has conducted several studies for American Diabetes Association, in addition to her research in Thimmasandra, a village in the outskirts of Bangalore, 30 KM away from the city. “We chose 15 people from the BPL category, educated them, applied the sensor, and did studies. Today, those 15 people have become influencers in the village by guiding the villagers to lead a healthier lifestyle. These endeavors trace back to our belief that the awareness needs to be commenced from every nook & corner of the society, not just the urban areas,” Parimala adds. She is also hosting a unique first-of-its-kind television program (PowerTV channel) called ‘GeluvinaGuttu’ meaning (the secret of success), which is a 100-day transformational program that covers all the aspects of Health & Wellness, starting from mindset to healthy living, being positive, dreams coming true, secrets of success and the stories of real life heroes.

Adding to the woes of the country’s exponentially growing diabetes population is the sky-rocketing number of young diabetic patients who are in their 20s. Since the GLAM Diet is a complete solution that caters to all of them, AlaMirap is in discussion with the Karnataka government to understand how best this methodology can be used to lock-down this drastic predicament. Parimala concludes, “I want to erase India’s infamous reputation as the diabetic capital within the next decade”. Her vision is quite lucid.

Parimala Jaggesh, Founder & Director
A certified Health & Wellness trainer, Parimala brings-in over 15 years of experience as medical transcriptionist and even further years as a researcher. Despite being a type-2 diabetes patient, her determination to stay healthy for her son took her to a new lifestyle based on pure science and the inception of AlaMirap in the later phase.

Office: Bangalore

Offering: G.L.A.M. DIET - a unique blend of latest scientific technology and ancient cooking wisdom formulated based on the time-tested theory that stable blood glucose ranges leads to optimal health.

Client Talks:
“This place is a power house of positivity, and the owner to this power house is Parimala mam. I love to visit her every now and then. My whole life took a U-turn, both physically and mentally. My life was so haphazard, and now, I found-out the route towards good health,” ~ Tejaswini G