Akshar Yoga: Carves Custom-Made Corporate Wellness Programs for Diverse Levels of Management & Verticals

Mahayogi Akshar Nath,Founder & Chairman
Mahayogi Akshar Nath, Founder& Chairman

A tectonic shift is seen in ways corporates are approaching employee wellness with serious focus to maintain the productivity of the employees, stating workplace health is not an option or benefit but a necessity. According to ASSOCHAM report, a strategically–designed corporate wellness programme can save India Inc. up to Rs.2000 crore by 2018 by safeguarding employees against chronic and lifestyle diseases and by reducing absenteeism. With intensive research & smooth delivery over the last decade to understand the actual demands of corporate workplaces according to different levels of management strata, Akshar Yoga offers custom-made programs for diverse verticals, and work profiles that face different work pressure & stress, affecting body & mind differently. “We do not stop at physical practice; we provide 360 degree assistance in terms of lifestyle guidance, which includes suggestion of diet, food intake, yogic tips and more,” explains Mahayogi Akshar Nath, Founder & Chairman, Akshar Yoga.

Corporate Wellness at its Best
The centre has carved niche with its uniquely-planned corporate
program of 32-40 hours including subtle exercises, Asanas,Pranayama(breathing)& Meditation techniques, special weight loss programs and stress release training. In addition, Akshar Yoga applies scientifically-designed solutions like Chair Yoga,Yoga at Workplace, Desktop Yoga and more. After a thorough diagnosis, recommendations that are specific to the problem are implemented for a higher success rate.

" We do not stop at physical practice; we provide 360 degree assistance in terms of lifestyle guidance, which includes suggestion of diet,food intake, yogic tips and more"

Apart from individual health benefits, the Corporate Wellness Programs also boost productivity, save health expenditure, lower absenteeism and attract top talent. Employees experience reduction in stress levels, increased energy, strength & physical fitness, better focus & concentration, improvement in overall health & posture along with lowered risk of chronic diseases. “Akshar Yoga helps people achieve a healthy lifestyle with a wonderful work-life balance. To achieve this, we innovate with our products and services to provide as per demand/ requirement,” assures Akshar. And what’s more! Akshar has rendered its corporate wellness services to MNCs such as Times Foundation, Infosys, Toyota, Jain Institution, Reliance Capital, Flipkart, HSBC, Brigade Group and many more.

Yoga as a Higher Platform
Keeping spirituality as its base, the centre emphasizes its programs,
products & services on importance of wellness & unity, and understands the values of knowledge as the key to cultural & personal development. Apart from Corporate Wellness, Akshar Yoga is known for its structures and versatile wellness programs and range of products & services such as Aerial Yoga, Wheel Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga and enhanced Brain Power Yoga. The centre and its team has trained more than 5,00,000 students all over the world via online & offline platforms and has 20 schools under Akshar Yoga banner alongside collaborations with Internationaluniversities,organizations for higher educational and professional programs for yoga to uplift yoga to a higher platform.

Akshar Yoga strongly supports the preservation of Yoga, weaved in ancient culture and at the same time believes in innovating via its own R&D team. Strategically speaking, this helps the centre stay abreast of current market trends and to attract more folks towards yoga. Akshar is currently engaged in research of formulas to boost memory power, i.e. yoga on super brain power, with its team of leading doctors and scientists.

Rejoicing along with the true values of wellness & healthy-living, the centre is investing efforts in multiplying its existing products, services and centres to major metropolitan cities & even globally. Akshar Yoga is adding diverse verticals to its repertoire like diagnostic centres, Ayurveda, Yoga accessories and more.