Aharshakti: Empowering Clients with a Complete Rewiring of Food Choices

Ankush Bhatia,Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Ankush Bhatia

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Fitness is a natural extension of good nutrition. Once the body is nourished with healthy and natural foods, it experiences energy which can be channelized towards attaining fitness, that aids tremendously in reversing the body age of a person Ankush Bhatia, Founder, Aharshakti.

For the past couple of years, Ankush Bhatia is on a mission to be India's most inspirational Nutritional Health Coach who helps individuals be better, healthier & stronger versions of themselves. She aims to generate enough awareness about healthy food and lifestyle choices that ends up creating a rippling effect on society at large.

"Ankush bhatia's marque Aharshakti- the power of foodhas emerged as a powerful and much-needed brand in today's digital world cluttered with too much information"

Ankush Bhatia is a well-recognized specialist in Plant-based nutrition, which is often regarded as the mother of all diets. "I've been noticing good changes in people's health after following the principles of plant based nutrition. Not only does it improve your physical health, but it heals your mind wonderfully as well! "Be better than you used to be has always been her Mantra!

The objective of Aharshakti is not to follow the typical two-month fad that Dieticians instruct their clients to follow. Through
Aharshakti, Ankush opens the door towards a complete remodeling of food choices for its clients. With the help of Aharshakti's health enrollment program, the AharPower, clients learn to read the food labels, ingredients of the food and help pick up the right kind of natural foods, which do not harm the body through Supermarket visits with the coach. It's a unique health enrolment program where a customized plan is designed after a detailed discovery session with the client after assessing their health history.

Through aharshakti, ankush opens the door towards a complete remodeling of food choices for its clients

The workouts are scientifically and specially designed to create an element of uniqueness and takes out the boredom, fear and anxiety that one faces when wanting to start their fitness journey.
•Aharshakti introduces fun ways to rewire and make sustainable changes in the lifestyle.
•Healthy and yummy alternatives to cravings and addictions.
•Planned detox days after binge nights.
•Supermarket visits along with her clients to understand Food labels, ingredients on food products, Do's and Don'ts!
Reeducation of Food habits and Food types.
•Fun videos to explain the benefits and the recipe of a dish and nutritional information
•Fun workout videos that are unique and different from a regular YouTube video (channel name Aharshakti).

Ankush Bhatia's marque Aharshakti the Power of Food has emerged as a powerful and much needed brand in today's digital world cluttered with too much information. To fulfill her mission of creating a ripple effect of knowledge about healthy food choices, Ankush is constantly working to develop new channels of disseminating knowledge. In addition to coming up with new workshop ideas on less discussed topics like Eating Smarter, Gut health, Malnutrition, and Obesity, Plant based Nutrition, Going Sugarless, and Intermittent Fasting, among other interesting topics, Ankush is working on the development of eBooks for the upcoming future. AharShakti merchandise to be available online in the near future, including organic farm products through the AharShakti brand. Fitness follow along videos designed to get people resisting to change have also been initiated. Where and how to get started on any physical activity is a dilemma for people who are new to the fitness journey. Hence, A Learning Management System through online videos is also being planned to be introduced a few years down the line. "A happy, healthy and peaceful body, mind and soul will create a healthier planet"