Agrawal Neuro Psychiatry Centre: Addressing Mental Illness of Rural India

According to National Mental Health Survey, nearly 150 million Indians need care for mental disorders, and about 10 percent suffer from common mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, emotional stress and suicide risk, as well as alcohol and drug use. But unfortunately, only one in 27 receives care for mental disorders(depression). Thus, there is a significant need to develop local solutions to formulate & strengthen the community mental health ecosystem, which would in turn enhance the accessibility to appropriate care for mental illness and reduce the burden of mental disorders, especially in rural communities.

Carving-out an initiative through innovative approaches for Mental Health Intervention, training & educating people on various mental health issues, Dr. M.L Agarwal (Senior Consultant & Proprietor) established Agrawal Neuro Psychiatry Centre in 2004 soon after his retirement from Government of Rajasthan(HOD -Psychiatry) to promote mental healthcare & spread awareness in rural India. The center runs several campaigns throughout the year in rural/slum & urban areas in association with NGOs and other organizations (rotary clubs, Scoutes & others) to help people overcome the stigma, discrimination and problems related to mental health while creating awareness.

A top, it takes several innovative actions such as organizing exhibitions in different melas and participating in exhibitions at national festivals for the promotion of mental health. Dr. Agarwal, a two times awardee of Sir RC Hunter Award of Excellence (first in the world to receive the same award twice) not only associates with every NGO in Kota to promote the treatment, but also gives presentation worldwide on various topics of psychology & psychiatry focusing on community approach & mental health, and innovative measure taken by his center. “We provide all indoor services to our patients,” avers Dr. Agarwal.

A Mindful Approach

Providing a complete spectrum of mental illness services, Agrawal Neuro Psychiatry
Centre takes a quantum leap by integrating psychiatry & neuro with psychology services and renders interpersonal services in all domains. This Kota based centre offers allforms of psychotherapies starting from cognitive group to biofeedback therapy along with relaxation training for a holistic well-being. Distinguished from other psychotherapy clinics and hospitals, Agrawal Neuro Psychiatry Centre collectively works with patient’s family and takes frequent update from them about patient condition, thereby reducing their burden of managing patients and saving their time. The centre also renders time-to-time group counseling, including audio visual presentation to patient caretakers.
Dr. M.L Agarwal,Senior Consultant & Proprietor
Alongside, the organization strongly works towards prevention of suicide cases especially of coaching students, wherein it develops special model for students and prepares suicidal trainers for them. On one hand, its network of psychologists work together as a team to render desired cognition of the thermotherapy & psychotherapy, whereas on the other hand, its pool of counselors function 24×7 as helpline to assist students in reducing their stress and suicidal tendency/thoughts.

Agrawal Neuro Psychiatry Centre takes a quantum leap by integrating psychiatry & neuro with psychology services and renders interpersonal services in all domains

Giving confidentiality, respect, trust and commitment the utmost priority, Agrawal Neuro Psychiatry Centre not just upholds state-of-the-art laboratory and uses advance investigation tools (X-Ray/rTMS/ECT Brief Plus Modified), but also provides patients & care takers all necessary indoor/outdoor facilities starting from AC room, RO water, TV to power backup. Unsurprisely, it is the only centre in the region that renders rTMS treatment(best methods for depression cases).“We were first in India to provide all aforementioned facilities, and rest followed us thereafter,” professes Dr. Agarwal. Enriched with such features, Agrawal Neuro Psychiatry Centre is experiencing good growth YoY and looks forward to expand its operation in coming years.