Aesthetics Plus: Beyond Body Confidence Enhancing Quality Of Life!

Dr. Surindher D.S.A, Principal Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Surindher D.S.A

Principal Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Ever encountered this famous saying across the web “The problem isn’t with your body the problem is what you think of it. And what you think of yourself”? Well it is proven that body dissatisfaction is related to major personality factors such as high neuroticism, perfectionism, and impulsiveness along with self-esteem among people. Hence, most people consider and believe that body confidence can be achieved not only by physical modifications, but by being the best version of their own selves. This is exactly what Aesthetics Plus India’s premiere Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic, has been imparting across all its services since 2003. The clinic strongly ensures that cosmetic surgeries are not just for the rich and famous people, but also for normal people who genuinely wish to build a good self-esteem thus bridging the tiny gap between being just successful and highly successful.

There are a spectrum of fortes that place the clinic way above its peers in the cosmetic & plastic surgery market. Firstly, it is the kind of privacy that Aesthetics Plus provides to its patients. The clinic encompasses fully equipped day care centers that offer extensive privacy to its patients along with inhouse services under one roof so that they don’t have to run from pillar to post for different problems. The other biggest forte of the clinic is to deliver promising results with natural looks to its patients through highly specialized services that require no further consultation. Clearly no more bizarre looks after your plastic surgery! This way, Aesthetics Plus outclasses in the market with experience, quality, quantity care, safety, facility and a lot other parameters that are offered par excellence, yet at affordable prices.

Enhancing Quality of Life
Today, people prefer cosmetic surgery not just to gain confidence, but to resolve their body related problems or enhance their quality of life. Breathing the very essence of this statement Aesthetics Plus offers a fleet of services like Liposuction, Breast Augmentations/ Reduction & Lifts, Rhinoplasty, Facial Enhancement Surgery, Gynecomastia, Hair Transplantation and many more to patients in accordance with their problem. For instance, the clinic cures PCOD, Gynecomastia and Belly Fat through Liposuction and breast related problems with Breast Enhancement/Reduction. Eventually Aesthetics Plus plays a crucial role in changing a person’s career not just through facial corrections but by making them look more perfect and symmetrical.
Aesthetics Plus also offers general medical services such as facial cleansing, skin glow and other services with respect to body enhancement. Even skin burns and congenital abnormalities are treated at the clinic through reconstructive surgeries. The mastermind behind this clinic is Dr. Surindher D.S.A(Principal Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon) who is specialized in Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, Microsurgery Reconstructive Surgeries and other procedures. With decades of experience and expertise in these brackets, he is well known as an ardent cosmetic surgeon in the industry who has delivered phenomenal results with natural looks to his patients.

Aesthetics Plus outclasses in the market with experience, quality quantity, care, safety, facility and a lot other parameters that are offered par excellence, yet at affordable prices

State-of-the-Art Products & Technologies
Wondering how Aesthetics Plus is seamlessly achieving the best results? Well, it is primarily due to the deployment of advanced products and technologies in the industry. For example the clinic deploys diverse liposuction techniques based on the patient’s case and laser light therapy for facial rejuvenation, clearing wrinkles, skin tightening, removing dark spots, and other conditions. Dr. Surindher adds, “We use special kinds of state-of-the-art dermal & Korean fillers to treat lip related problems, Thread Lift for anti ageing, advanced & safe breast, chin and nose implants, and other products/technologies with emphasis on delivering nothing less than the best to our patients”.

Backing Aesthetics Plus and its excellence is its highly qualified and registered team of 20 specialists including five plastic surgeons, three anesthetists and others from their respective fields. Dr. Surindher himself stands as a linchpin of the clinic who is registered with the Plastic Surgery Board and Medical Council. He and his team hold a roster of licenses, skills and expertise to perform all kinds of cosmetic & plastic procedures in the industry, which adds to their fortes. He also trains them regularly to ensure that a specific procedure is undertaken only by the specific doctor on par with the highest standards. Dr. Surindher articulates, “We are greatly skilled in executing all procedures in the most fastest, efficient and hygienic manner especially with less and effective medication so that the recovery time is minimal”. For instance, the clinic uses twilight anesthesia instead of full anesthesia that only numbs the section under procedure and lets the patient stay awake.

Speaking of innovations Aesthetics Plus will be unveiling new anti ageing products and Ayurvedic medicines to treat different types of skins of the Indian populace, besides newfangled techniques and creams for scar treatment that can manage the lightening and darkening of the skin. So far the clinic has grown by around 10 percent month-on-month. In the next five years, the clinic aspires to establish about 50 centers around India, which will be handled by specialist plastic surgeons who are rigorously trained by Dr. Surindher. Moreover, the main goal of Aesthetics Plus is to expand its medical tourism strength by putting India way ahead of other countries in the cosmetic surgery space. Aesthetics Plus is also looking at establishing more centres apart from the strategic tie-ups to expand the business. It will soon enter into training in a big way. “The way forward is to make tie-ups for expanding the cosmetic surgery network with like minded entities and businesses to provide quality cosmetic surgery and cosmetology services across India and Asia. Hence we are looking actively for partners in India, Asia, Australia and Africa,” concludes Dr. Surindher.

Dr. Surindher is a board certified plastic surgeon with special interest in plastic & cosmetic surgery, aesthetics, clefts and microsurgery.

Quick Facts:
•Inception Year: 2003
•Office: Bangalore
•Services: Liposuction, Breast Augmentations/Reduction & Lifts, Rhinoplasty, Gynecomastia, Hair Transplantation & Skin Problems