Adventis ENT & Cochlear Implant Clinic: Following Multidisciplinary Approach In Point-Of-Care ENT Treatment

Dr. (Prof.) Ameet Kishore, FRCS, Director & Chief Consultant

Dr. (Prof.) Ameet Kishore, FRCS

Director & Chief Consultant

Healthcare sector of India is witnessing a tremendous growth to taut the burgeoning demand in mending the rising healthcare woos. While in the face of imperative demand for provision of quality and affordable healthcare, it falls short to ease the gap. Realizing the need, allied healthcare professionals are probing in

to spearhead specialty health care centers, propelling the service led growth in the healthcare sector. With similar sentiments, Adventis ENT & Cochlear Implant Clinic is stepping up the bandwagon to rule the ENT sector with its sophisticated approaches in treating ENT and hearing loss related disorders. While befitting the comprehensive need for ENT care, Adventis offers tailormade & personalized ENT care to each patient and the affected family depending on their need.

As hearing loss incidences in India has increased in the past two decades, to ease the impact, this Delhi based specialty clinic is bringing in new modalities to face the challenges abreast. As the name suggests ‘ENT and cochlear implant clinic’ Adventis is among the firsts in North India to provide Auditory brain stem implant program (implanting the hearing device directly inside the brain). While others like Bone conduction implant, Middle ear implant, Surgical reconstruction for hearing loss, and hearing aid technologies have tagged along in providing a multidisciplinary approach for hearing and speech related disorders. Pediatric ENT being a condition & specialty by itself, Dr. (Prof.) Ameet Kishore, (Director & Chief Consultant, Adventis ENT & Cochlear Implant Clinic) being a celebrated pediatric ENT surgeon has every arrangement to treat ENT issues for new born and children to adults. Dr. Ameet, proudly states, “We have the largest cochlear implant program in North India, dealing with complex situations in the field of hearing loss”.

Instead of singular corrective approach to address an issue, Dr. Ameet, a popular pediatric and adult ENT surgeon along with a compounded team of allied ENT specialists, is bringing in a multidisciplinary approach in providing standard patientcare. With regards to hearing and cochlear implants programme, Dr. Ameet closely works with his team of audiologists, speech pathologists, speech therapists, and special educators (of SpHear
Speech & Hearing Clinics) to address every ENT issue in a customized way. This team approach care manages each mandate pertaining to auditory & speech disorder, which enables Adventis to provide the best suited speech or hearing intervention to manage the patient’s condition. Dr. Ameet avers, “Amalgamating the strengths of different specialists, we bring to the patients a global experience in diagnostics and therapeutics in ENT care, coupled with the latest technologies available in the field internationally”.

Amalgamating the strengths of differ specialists, we bring to the patients a global experience in diagnostics and therapeutics in ENT care, coupled with the latest technologies available in the field

Multimodal Cure House
As ENT care is moving beyond the limitations in treating hearing loss and speech disorders Adventis is advancing to reach out for other parallel disciplines of ENT care like head & neck and robotic surgery. Touching eight other verticals, within the centre it provides state of-the-art multidisciplinary team management to each of the problems like Ear and Hearing, Nose Sinus & Allergy, Voice Throat & Swallowing, Dizziness & Vertigo, Pediatric ENT, Head & Neck, Thyroid & Salivary, Snoring & Skull Base Surgery.

In treating nose & sinus issues, it offers multidisciplinary treatment by doctors from different disciplines like surgeons & allergy specialists. It has come up with cutting edge technologies & surgical alternatives (like Balloon Sinuplasty)to open up blocked sinus instead of going for surgery. While to address the issues related to neurotology(dizziness and vertigo and to balance it) the clinic houses state-of-art-technology to diagnose balance disorders and offer treatment, be it through balance therapy or balance habilitation medication or surgery. Furthermore, under the care shade of Adventis, the clinic has appointed specialists who are trained in treating and diagnosing various types of snoring and sleep breathing problems through its adept diagnostic tools, which enables better treatment option surgery or devices.

Comprehensive Point-of-Care Tools
Gripping the generic criteria to proffer point-of-care tests in adapting each diagnostic need requires modest tooling Adventis has it all. It houses the latest technology for hearing tests (for both children and adults), and advanced equipment for balance and dizziness testing. For laryngological diagnosis, it has dedicated video laryngoscopes to examine and record the movement of the vocal cords in the voice box (larynx), for people having speech or voice problems. Microscopes and Nasal Telescopes complete the repertoire for detailed ear and nasal evaluation respectively.

Rising ENT issues, be it due to environmental pollution or peer stress, most sentinels of India are still unaware of the veritable issues due to lack of indigenous knowledge. To mettle such challenges Dr. Ameet co-founded an NGO called ‘I Can Hear Foundation’a charitable organization where it routinely conducts awareness activities, free camps & free diagnostics consultation. These campaigns are attended by him and his team of ENT Surgeons as well as the team of audiologists and speech therapists(from SpHear Speech & Hearing Clinics) across North India, around Delhi, NCR, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. As a benevolent approach, the team also partakes in education activities & lot of professional interaction through CMEs and workshops to raise the awareness about standard ENT care. Dr Ameet concludes, “The roadmap is that in the next 10 years, we want to be in a position to be able to provide state-of–the-art services in the field of ENT and hearing & speech disorders at affordable cost”.