Adiva Centre for Skin & Hair: Combining Medical Expertise & Technology for the Best Trichology Treatment

  Dr. Harshit Ranpara,   Director

Dr. Harshit Ranpara, Director

The trichology industry can find its roots in the ancient Indian, Chinese and Egyptian civilization where the culture of lustrous hair was a sign of wealth, prosperity and the participation in the upper strata of the society. A healthy hair is a sign of a healthy body, and taking care of it goes beyond vanity. People are coming in terms of its importance, making the industry leapfrog to a current valuation of $23 million in India. Helping maintain this ‘mane’ of good health is Rajkot-based Adiva Centre for Skin & Hair. Founded by Dr. Harshit Ranpara, the centre is the go-to organization for those looking for a holistic care of their hair right from the correct diagnosis to the final & successful treatment.

The backbone of the centre,Dr.Harshit is one of the most experienced hair transplant surgeons globally, with 3000 transplants to his credit. Interestingly, Dr. Harshithas innovated three instruments that are patented devices and used by hair transplant surgeons globally. He is Diplomat of American Board of Hair Restoration surgeons, a
coveted position with 17 such doctors in India and only 200 of them on a global level.

The treatment at Adiva follows a meticulous procedure. It begins with the diagnosis of the problem by a certified Trichologist who undertakes an array of tests, including hair pull test, hair card test, trichogram, and dermascopy of scalp. Upon the confirmed diagnosis, the Triachologist undertakes a very specific treatment, tailored to the patient’s requirement. These treatments can include cyclic therapy regimen, application of various agents like minoxidil, peptides, hair oil containing palmito, hair serum, unique shampoo and conditioners, deep conditioning mask, anti-grey hair treatment and many others

"Dr. Harshit has innovated three instruments that are patented devices and used by hair transplant surgeons globally"

However, the core expertise of Adiva lies in the coveted Hair Transplant and Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Growth. “For consultation, people may go to any doctor, but when there is a question of surgery, people choose a highly experienced surgeon, as he knows each and every complications of the surgery,” states Dr. Harshit. No wonder, around 30 percent of Dr. Harshit’s patients are doctors from various fields. The centre also undertakes high end skin & hair procedures like low level laser therapy, various kinds of mesotherapy like no needle mesotherapy, meso with dermaroller, and meso with
minoxidil injections, which are imported from Spain, and today’s most promising treatment PRP – a platelet rich plasma therapy.

Technical Infusion
Trichology is a global phenomenon undertaking an innovative approach to reduce the negative impacts like scars or time taken during the surgery. Adiva goes with the same flow and is one of few centres to have a current take on technology. For instance, it offers a double spin technique in PRP, which gives 10 times more platelets, and offers additives in PRP, releasing the growth factors in PRP very quickly at right time. It is also aware of the conscious sedation technique with nitrous oxide gas, which makes the procedure totally painless during PRP as well as hair transplant surgery.

The centre also makes hair line design with Laser assisted device to ensure the treatment is innovative as well as authentic. Speaking of international influence, Adiva has also invested in the cole punches from the U.S. and chilling devices which come-in handy for storing the grafts and looks forward to invest in any technology or machine that will make the treatment perfect but painless. It’s conscious sedition machine from U.S. is the second machine in India among hair transplant surgeons, which makes the hair transplant procedure almost painless. With such advanced technologies and techniques, Adiva is all geared-up to eliminate any hair issue.