Aadiswasthya: Permanent Health Blending Ancient Indian Health Wisdom & technology

Shalini Singh, FounderRecent advances in mapping of the human genome have opened up hitherto unknown facets of the effect of what we eat on our internal bionics. Shalini Singh (Founder, Aadiswasthya) leverages her understanding of ‘Nutri-genomics’ to recommend the right food in the right quantity as per individual genetic makeup. She emphasizes on the impact of living in harmony with nature. Every case is unique and meticulously studied to incorporate subtle but effective changes into the existing lifestyle, permitting one’s ‘favorite food’ in recommended quantities, leading to happiness and satiety. “Aadiswasthya is not just an organization, we promote it as a way of life. Here, happiness in all our actions is central to drive the principle of ‘health precedes healing’,” she says.

Aadiswasthya’s strong consultative approach to dietetics is to address both physical and emotional well being. Technology advances have proven to be a boon in understanding the impact of micro nutrients and the chemical combinations in this unbelievably complex laboratory called the human
body. Aadiswasthya attempts to extract the best of both these worlds.Addressing the root cause of any imbalance through dietary changes is Shalini’s espoused philosophy.

Aadiswasthya is not just an organization, we promote it as a way of life

Aadiswasthya’s ancient science of Ayurveda and understanding of food, its various combinations and seasonality can reasonably assure a healthy mind and body. “Crafting my food plan based on this ancient wisdom in a world of ‘fad diet plans’, ‘super foods’ and the ‘west knows best’ approach, singles out Shalini as a unique health coach. Her belief that ‘healthy food is a pre-curser to a healthy life’ has changed my life,” quips a satisfied client.

Nutritive care at Aadiswasthya specializes in lifestyle/wellness for adults, special counseling for women with specific needs, nutrition consultancy for pregnancy, infants and teenagers based on sedentary, active or hyperactive lifestyles. A key area of work for Aadiswasthya is Geriatric, and medical nutrition (cancer, diabetics, liver and kidney conditions, PCOS, infertility, autoimmune diseases and cholesterol).

Shalini also works with some NGOs, and provides specialized nutritive care for children with cancer. A specialist in Sports Nutrition, certified by the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association-USA), she finds it
satisfying to arrive at the ‘best fit’ alternative nutrition (finding a substitute for almonds for a poor sportsperson or offsetting the deficiency of proteins for a vegetarian) especially in an emerging country like India where dietetics are perceived as a ‘rich man’s fad’. “Whilst money is important, we never forget that the physical form is but a cover for deeper psychological factors where we have to address the deeper causative and the response stimuli before recommending solutions,” remarks Shalini.

Simplicity of Approach
To track client progress, Aadiswasthya has a four-step feedback continuum, keeping the entire process Simple, Easy to adapt, Accept and Internalize (SEAI model). Its single minded dedication lies in ‘causing’ clients to incorporate lifestyle, dietary and holistic changes of their own accord rather than ‘telling’ the dos and don’ts. This leads to greater ownership and accountability for the agreed action plan and unprecedented self satisfaction.

This consultative approach also utilizes technology for deriving insights to identify the root cause of physical imbalances at DNA level in correlation with diet. She caters to her international clients remotely by leveraging her vast knowledge bank with respect to indigenous and international flavours with additional knowledge of the seasonal supply at their resident countries. “Our body is capable of healing itself with right nutrients under right proportions. Hence our first step should be towards our home kitchen to heal our bodies,” concludes Shalini.