A Silver Amore: A Home Away from Home

Ankit Shah, Founder

Ankit Shah


India has the most rapidly ageing population, and the burden of functional disability is higher compared to other aging countries of Asia. This is due to lack of special aids, medical solutions, rehabilitation and social stigma regarding disability, which requires a multi-dimensional approach to overcome. A Silver Amore is one such complete assisted living care center providing comprehensive services to the seniors who are dependent for their Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

This exclusive home for dependent elders was founded by Ankit Shah in 2015 in Mumbai, covering 40,000 sq. ft. of verdant pasture in a noise-free environment. The home specializes in Dementia care and has long to short term plans (15 days to three months) for seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Paralysis or any age related issues. It also caters to other simple plans like pre/post-hospitalization care, and respite care.

The facility has an elder friendly infrastructural design, antiskid floorings, and is equipped with grab bars and railings built throughout the facility for easy mobility of the senile adults. The elders are under all day round vigilance of the support staff and medical professionals, while the entire facility is covered by CCTV surveillance. Ankit states, “Unlike at home care, in an assisted living facility, the seniors meet people of their own age group and can engage in social acquaintance, which can overall improve their quality of life”.
A Complete Geriatric Care Plan
To meet the need of the changing demography, India requires more active aging programs to encourage the seniors to stay active, healthy and socially engaged. Hence A Silver Amore’s board has seniors consisting of geriatrician, psychiatrist, gerontologist, consultants/Doctors and a general physician who visits the center regularly. Together they keep an eye on the body vitals of elders and any variation is immediately reported, and if need arises, the resident is shifted to a nearby medical center with whom it has tie-ups.

A Silver Amore holds intergenerational programs which act as a social stimulation regime, where the school children come to interact with the residents

People suffering from dementia undergo certain behavioral changes, which makes everyday tasks much more difficult. But with stimulating games, music therapy, memory café and lot more, A Silver Amore creates a daily dose of amusement for its seniors. Further, it holds intergenerational programs which act as a social stimulation regime, where the school children come to interact with the residents.

Patients deprived of ADLs cannot perform activities like eating, bathing, getting dressed, transferring, and continence. To lend an ultimate regime for the residents, the facility has every arrangement for incontinence care, laundry services, housekeeping services, grooming services, and others. To ensure quality care, the centre also has its own resident manager, available 24x7 in the premises to monitor the staff and the day to day activities. A Silver Amore also arranges for resident’s transportation to doctor’s visit and provides regular update to their family through email and WhatsApp.

When a new resident joins the center, staff are explained about the resident’s likes, dislikes, hobbies and profession, which helps them get involved in activities of their choice. Apart from this, the staff is regularly trained on various aspects of care giving, ageing and conducting specialized dementia activities.

Started as a social enterprise, A Silver Amore broke even in its first year of operation due to extensive word of mouth publicity. It now plans to build a bigger and more improved facility with promising amenities, which will be functional by the year 2020. Having recently added physiotherapy equipment to improve the mobility of seniors with Parkinson’s, it is further adding physiotherapy aids, safety alarm, fall protect lights and many more for a care-free living of the residents.