6Sigma Healthcare Communications: Driving Innovation to Unlock Brand Potential

Manoj Joshi & Subhash Pundir,Co-Founders & Directors

Manoj Joshi & Subhash Pundir

Co-Founders & Directors

Doctors always tell patients that an ounce of prevention on time, beats a pound of cure. Rapid growth and innovation led changes in the healthcare sector in India, demands all stake-holders (including doctors, patients, caregivers, brands and creative agencies) to maximize the opportunity with agility and focus. More than ever, there is a need to establish smooth & efficient communication and interaction in the entire ecosystem. A healthcare communication company plays a major role in achieving this by providing comprehensive solutions to improve healthcare outcomes on one hand, & driving brand growth on the other.

Significantly, 6Sigma Healthcare Communications, a Mumbai-based company with an offshore branch in the Middle East is passionately committed to offer innovative solutions for building research based brands and ultimately strengthening medical practioner's goal of transforming patient's life.

6Sigma was established in 2014 by laying its expertise in the field of pharmaceuticals. Its founder directors bring in a combined experience of more than 45 years in this domain and the team 6SIGMA, with best-in-class capabilities provides turnkey solutions for Pharma & Healthcare brand team's requirements. 6SIGMA works across Rx, OTC, diagnostics, devices, and hospital segments.

"We are fully focused on health, it's our commitment, our passion, and our obsession. We launch brands and help them stay on course and at the same time aid brands grow in any phase of their entire lifecycle," signifies Subhash Pundir Co-Founder & Director.
6Sigma comprehensively tackles all brand necessities, offering services under four major pillars which include Brand Solutions, Continuing Medical Education, Innovative Digital Solutions, and Events. The firm provides holistic branding solutions getting on for HCP, Patients, Pharmacists, Sales-force & Paramedics campaigns and communication (Creative & Medical). It provides state-of-the-art Medico marketing programs and medical as-sets in partnership with opinion leaders and national & international medical associations. Further, a team of nerds works behind all groundbreaking digital remedies for in & off clinic brand recall and building. The firm executes virtual & Face to Face events and conferences with end-to-end delivery. All the services are inhouse built and ensure to maintain 6SIGMA standards of perfection.

The firm engages with industry clients coming up with varied scope & challenges and bringing requirements in the realm of Brand launch, Growth phase brand consolidation, mature brand fortification, degrowing brands defense, and differential & innovative customer activation ideas & approaches. All the pain points are exclusive for each brand and the team at 6Sigma is specialized by qualification and experience to capture the heart of the issue and address the same match lessly.

Subhash Pundir, Co-Founder & Director

"Our motto 'Distinctive Approach Differential Outcome' drives the team and our daily operations. We firmly believe that each brand has a unique set of challenges and hence in a very scientific way we deal with each brand with a Distinctive Approach there by bringing Differential Outcomes, facilitating brand growth,"shares Manoj Joshi Co-Founder & Director.

6Sigma has grown multifold since its incorporation and with the virtue of its specialized solution and standardized quality services, it has created a unique positioning and name for itself and is working with almost all the pharma and healthcare MNCs and Indian companies of repute. The firm has al-ready been a part of the growth journey of multiple brands with more than 40 companies, largely in the Rx area, and is further planning to add at least 10 companies dominating in device and OTC fields. 6Sigma has had consistent revenue growth in the last seven years of its existence and as a strategic plan, it intends to continue to consolidate this momentum for the next five years. Also, the accredited and certified medical education program executed by the firm have touched more than two lakh doctors to date and is further looking forward to tripling it in the next five years through its focused and intensive team.