1to1help: An Unparalleled Wellness Service Provider Ensuring Hassle - Free & Healthy Work - Life

Archana Bisht,DirectorWith a radical break from the indifferent portrayal of mental health in India, the Bollywood movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ threw light on the relevance of attending to mental illness with utmost care, and how the internal suffering can be eased with proper counseling & treatment. It also depicted how the personal suffering affects an individual’s professional life too. Bangalore-based 1to1help has been leading this mantle in corporate India, taking a step forward to manage such taboos by extending professional help to working individuals and enabling them to manage stress & anxiety at workplace.

Established in 2001, with the vision to ‘Enable Individuals Make +ve Changes in their Life’, 1to1 help is India’s largest Employee Assistance Service Provider and the market leader (in India) in professional counseling & wellness sector. It is the pioneer and the first to start online counseling in India.

Strategies for a Sound Living
Aiding individuals dealing with diverse distresses in their personal or professional lives, the company proffers a strong string of profound wellness (Health Risk Assessment, Diet Plans, Coaching, plus Tools & Trackers) and Counseling (Online,Face-To-Face, Telephonic, Chats, Mobile
App) services that together constitute the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).“Quality of services and our people is our core value proposition. One of the differentiating factors in terms of approach is our 360o program where we not only engage with the employees, but all other stakeholders, like the managers through Manager Consultation, Manager Referral, the family, through counseling support for family members and most importantly the Leadership, through sensitization and awareness sessions,” informs Archana Bisht, Director, 1to1help. Furthermore, 1to1help has designed a self-help section for individuals reluctant to meet a counselor.

Aiding individuals dealing with diverse distresses in their personal or professional lives, 1to1 help proffers a strong string of profound wellness and Counseling services that together constitute the Employee Assistance Program

Being the only EAP service agency with an Outcome & stakeholder oriented program, 1to1help enables measurable outcomes and has introduced a mood meter in its app that encourages employees to report happiness. Another striking feature of the company is its dedicated CRM and Product Development team that ensure services delivery based on the requirement of the clients – a rare feature in the wellness industry.
1to1help’s Maternity Program involves engaging & retaining women employees by deploying personal coaching sessions and workshops for expecting mothers & fathers. The company’s Shift Lag & Fatigue Management enables shift workers to get their circadian rhythm back on track through coaching sessions on lifestyle and time management, diet, family & social life, and day-time sleep. It has an elaborate service offering on Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH), where it offers one of its kind, SaaS-based Case Management system for POSH and qualified POSH practitioners (who are counsellors) to service its clients. Other services include Work-Life coaching program for women & LGBT workforce and other diversity & inclusion offerings.

Manifesting Healthy Future
Having accomplished 300,000 plus counseling sessions over the past 15 years, 1to1help surges ahead with the largest number of counselors on the company’s roll and the richest repository of knowledge. The company takes pride in the fact that its comprehensive suicide protocol, which helps it to identify, rate and assist people with suicide intent, has prevented 3000+suicides over the past 8 years. The company has a global footprint by the virtue of its highly privileged tie-up with world’s leading EAP service provider, Morneau She pell and also has marked its presence in 60+ locations pan India, which enables it to provide a quick response and world-class service.

1to1help clearly stands out as one of the star players in the mental and emotional wellness domain. With its vision of enabling +ve change, it’s all set to revolutionize the perception of mental health in India.