Scientimed Solutions: Encapsulating Medical Content in Digital Programs

Dr. Ashwin Kumar B S,Managing Director

Dr. Ashwin Kumar B S

Managing Director

The healthcare industry is flooded with information, with extensive new data being added to the network every minute. As a result, medical decision making has become challenging for medical professionals owing to higher hospitalization rates and complexity of cases. Doctors seek a platform that delivers medical content through innovative educational programs that could easily fit in their busy schedules. The major challenge of such a service is provision of scientifically proven data along with verified sources, which requires thorough research. Apart from being time consuming, it necessitates access to the right database and the right technology. This demand gave rise to the healthcare communications industry.

Scientimed Solutions Pvt Ltd is an eminent player in healthcare communications industry. Having worked in the market for about a decade, Scientimed is known for its expertise in understanding the clients' pain points and steer their research-based custom solutions to address specific need gaps. According to the Managing Director, Dr.Ashwin Kumar, "We are med digital experts. We believe that our strategic services are focussed around the best-in-class medical content, unique digital innovations and continuing medical education programs would be of immense value to all stakeholders in healthcare".

Spectrum of Care
The team at Scientimed looks forward to supporting its customers with progressive
strategies aimed at overcoming key challenges faced by the respective brands of leading pharmaceutical organizations. Its expertise to scientifically engage doctors by leveraging the best of technologies for optimum impact and reach has turned out to be the key differentiator of Team Scientimed. Dr. Ashwin adds, "We are the best in business when it comes to scientific content planning solutions". While the issues in each business keep on varying, Scientimed is determined to dig deep into latest evidences and clinical challenges & perspectives so as to deliver measurable outputs and impact for our customers. In this regard, Dr.Ashwin explains, "Our services include medical writing services, authoring and publishing support, learning solutions, digital innovations, marketing empowerment, patient awareness campaigns and doctor group meetings. Our key services revolve around medical content, content planning as well as delivery and learning solutions".

We are on a mission to empower doctors, with clinically relevant and evidence based information and data that would be meaningful for optimizing patient care and well being

Scientimed uses a very distinguished methodology to carry out their research and collect relevant data. Their methodology involves understanding the prevailing gaps and objectives one wishes to achieve, followed by a robust primary and secondary research. "This then helps us plan out our strategies and solutions to accomplish desired results," Dr. Ashwin adds. Alignment to evolving technologies is the need of the hour. Team Scientimed has been creating value for its customers by its innovative digital solutions as well virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and chatbots, to name a few. Through distinguished efforts, Scientimed has made its mark in the industry where it not only supports doctors through content creation, but also specializes in targeted content delivery models which involves delivering the precise and distinct content updates to each doctor.

Future Ambitions
Scientimed has had a steady growth and has shown excellence in healthcare industry and beyond. As a part of its future vision, the company is aiming towards enhancing its strategic footprint to serve healthcare stakeholders across the globe. Key strategic partnerships aimed towards creating global delivery model in healthcare are being planned currently. In the years to come, Scientimed would work towards further consolidating its India Business, whilst at the same time establishing and delivering robust business outcomes in all key healthcare markets across the globe.