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  • Top 10 Prominent Women Ophthalmologists - 2024

    Women Ophthalmologists Illuminating the Path to Clearer Vision In the realm of ophthalmology, the role of women in eye care is becoming more prominent, bringing new perspectives and innovation to the practice. Today, women ophthalmologists are at the forefront of groundbreaking research, innovative treatments and compassionate care for their patients. They are changing the landscape of eye care, inspiring future generations and proving that there is no gender barrier to success in this dynamic field with their dedication, expertise and unwavering commitment to vision health. With extensive training and expertise in ophthalmology, possesses a keen eye for detail, precision, and empathy, ensuring accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans. "Women...

Top 10 Prominent Women Ophthalmologists - 2024


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Eye Cure Hospital Eye Cure Hospital Dr.Mona Patel, Eye Specialist Proficient in diverse areas, her specialties include Cataract and refractive surgeries like lasik, SMYLE, ICL without any injection in the eye, glaucoma, squint treatments, medical retina and more
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Sankara Eye Foundation Sankara Eye Foundation Dr. Ankita Saha, Consultant Ophthalmologist Dedicated to providing exceptional care to her patients, with expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of eye conditions
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Dr. Aparna Bansore, Ophthalmologist Her area of expertise includes cataract surgery, eyelid surgery, glaucoma treatment, oculoplastic surgery, ensures that the patients are satisfied with the treatments and the techniques she uses
Prime Retina Eye Care Centre Prime Retina Eye Care Centre Dr. Aravinda Bachu, MD & Consultant Medical Retina Her thirst for knowledge and passion for serving others led her to further refine her skills as a consultant, addressing conditions such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and hypertensive retinopathy
Lall 20/20 Eye Care Lall 20/20 Eye Care Dr. Monica S., Consultant Ophthalmologist Committed to providing quality treatment, through the centre providing equipped with the latest technology, for diagnosis and treatment of vitreoretinal diseases like diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachment
Banarasidas Chandiwala Eye Hospital Banarasidas Chandiwala Eye Hospital Dr. Neha Chandrakar, Ophthalmologist Conducted numerous successful eye surgeries, renowned for her expertise in ocular surgeries, face enhancements, and community-focused eye health initiatives with a focus on patient satisfaction
K K Eye Institute K K Eye Institute Dr. Roopa, Ophthalmologist A consultant ophthalmologist providing expert ophthalmic care with high quality and commitment, skilled in neuro-ophthalmology, ophthalmology, uvea and medical retina
Surya Eye Institute Surya Eye Institute Dr. Shachi Joshi , Ophthalmologist She is dedicated to providing innovative and compassionate care to her patients, specializes in comprehensive eye care with a focus on retinal health
RS Kasturi Eye Hospital RS Kasturi Eye Hospital Dr. Srijita Mitra, Ophthalmologist A beacon of hope for countless patients seeking clarity and confidence in their visual health journey, driven by a deep passion to improve patient's quality of life
Aster Hospitals Aster Hospitals Dr. Sweta Patel, Ophthalmologist Performed phacoemulsification, small incision cataract surgeries, pterygium excision squint surgeries with expertise in cataract surgeries, chalazion I&C, evisceration and traumatic eye injury