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  • Top 10 Prominent Orthodontists - 2024

    Elevating Smiles, Transforming Lives Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, with an emphasis on both aesthetics and function aspects of teeth and jaws, play a key role in the treatment of oral health. Orthodontics makes you look at yourself and interact with others in a different way. Beyond mere cosmetic enhancement, it improves your oral health from functional bite, jaw bone realignment and enhancing smile appearance & facial features. Its importance has grown exponentially, as more and more people get the aesthetic and functional benefits of orthodontics treatments. With a focus on complete oral communication Health and increasing demand for advanced orthodontic treatment, Orthodontists are becoming more and more common, In order to meet patients' evolving needs,...

Top 10 Prominent Orthodontists - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Sakra World Hospital Sakra World Hospital Dr. Esha Singh, Orthodontist & Dentofacial Orthopaedic Surgeon She is dedicated and energetic with experience in providing skilled dental treatment with expertise in specialized in invisalign aligners
Alpha Dental Care Alpha Dental Care Dr. Harshit Shah, Orthodontist With a strong academic and research work in the dental profession and worked across various clinics in Kerala & Karnataka with years of experience
Sahas Dental Care & Orthodontic Centre Sahas Dental Care & Orthodontic Centre Dr. Mohamed Jalal, Orthodontist With extensive experience in the hospital & health care industry, also proficient in dental care, dental surgery, orthodontics, dentistry, and surgery
Smile N Faces Smile N Faces Dr. Prashant Dhole, Orthodontist&Dentofacial Ortho-paedician Focusing on holistic dental care, improving oral and jaw health, and transforming lives through quality care and he aims to provides the best possible care for patients at his clinic
Enhanced Dental Clinic Enhanced Dental Clinic Dr. Pritam Dhoka, Orthodontist & Implantologist An innovator in orthodontics, dedicated to transforming smiles and an advocate for dental equality with expertise in Invisalign and other aligner treatments
Whistle Whistle Dr. Sandhya, Orthodontist Having expertise in the field as well as teeth whitening, missing teeth, clear aligners, metallic braces, GCP, communication and colored braces
Radiant Dental Care Radiant Dental Care Dr. Soumya Venkateswaran, Consultant Orthodontist A patient and friendly professional with excellent communication and persuasion skills, specializing in MBT, Beggs, metal brackets, ceramic brackets, and the self-ligating Damon system
32 Dental Care 32 Dental Care Dr. Srishti Syal, Orthodontist She possesses a wide range of methods, protocols, and therapeutic approaches that could assist in improving adherence and the general health of the patient's mouth and face
RxDx Healthcare RxDx Healthcare Dr. Syed Aasif Hussain, Orthodontist & Dentofacial Orthopedist Committed to creating confident, healthy smiles, also Specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing dental irregularities
Amma Naana Dental Clinic Amma Naana Dental Clinic Dr. Vishnu Priya, Orthodontist & Dentofacial Orthopaedics She is highly knowledgeable in all areas of Orthodontics, including various types of appliances and brackets, also excels in management and team building