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    Reviving Lives, Where Heart Health Meets Expertise Maintaining good heart health is crucial for longevity and quality of life. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, improves physical and mental well-being, enhances energy levels, and supports overall body functions. Healthy habits can prevent complications and promote a more active, fulfilling life. Maintaining a healthy heart through a balanced diet, regular exercise, and avoiding smoking can prevent many heart-related issues. Their expertise allows them to perform life-saving surgeries, such as bypasses and valve replacements, which can significantly improve patient outcomes. These surgeons not only save lives but also enhance the quality of life for patients by alleviating symptoms and reducing the risk of future...

Top 10 Prominent Heart Surgeons - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Billroth Hospitals Billroth Hospitals Dr. Arunkumar Krishnasamy, Chief Cardiothoracic Surgeon He has specialized in the thoracic surgery, heart transplantation, beating heart surgery, ventricular assist device, artificial hearts, neonatal cardiac surgery, mitral repair and other skills
Peerless Hospital Peerless Hospital Dr. Ashok Bandopadhyay, Clinical Director & Dept. of Cardiothoracic Surgery He possesses his experience in the medical field, he is an expert cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon and CABG as a surgeon, specifically dealing with coronary artery disease issues
Prashanth Hospitals Prashanth Hospitals Dr. Bharathguru Nedumaran, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon Experienced adult cardiac surgeon specializing in off-pump coronary artery bypass surgeries, aortic and mitral valve replacements, ASD closures, skeletonized IMA harvest, and total arterial revascularization
Wockhardt Hospitals Wockhardt Hospitals Dr. Gulshan Rohra, Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon With a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry, also skilled in communication, CABG, valvular & aortic surgeries, minimally invasive cardiac surgeries and ECMO
Bhagwaan Mahaveer Jain Hospital Bhagwaan Mahaveer Jain Hospital Dr. Mamata S H, Consultant Vascular Surgeon Having extensive experience in the vascular surgery, she has special interest in endovascular management of peripheral arterial disease, venous diseases & AV fistulas
Sudha Hospital Sudha Hospital Dr. Palkesh Agarwal, Heart & Vascular Surgeon With his exceptional skills in minimally invasive cardiac surgery, heart failure surgery, valve repair surgery, aortic surgery, off-pump, and total arterial coronary bypass procedures and others
One Stop Vascular Solutions One Stop Vascular Solutions Dr. Rahul Agarwal, Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon & Director - Marketing He has a special interest in dialysis access for haemodialysis, venous disease in diabetic foot, peripheral artery disease, carotid surgery, and wound management
Desun Hospital And Heart Institute Desun Hospital And Heart Institute Dr. Soumya Guha, Cardio-Thoracic & Vascular Sur- geon With a wealth of experience from prestigious institutions worldwide, he leverages cutting-edge technologies & offers compassionate, patient centred care to deliver optimal outcomes
Olive Hospital Olive Hospital Dr. Syed Nasheed Ali, Vascular Surgeon He is a distinguished individual recognized in the field of Indian cardiac surgery for his extensive knowledge and dedication to providing patient focused care
Apollo Hospitals Apollo Hospitals Dr. Venukumar KN, Consultant Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon His areas of expertise include endovascular aneurysm repair, carotid endarterectomy, and carotid stenting, as well as various peripheral vascular open and endovascular procedures