• Speech Therapy: A New Ray of Sunshine
  • 10 Most Promising Speech Therapy Centers – 2019

    Speech & language disorder is one of the most common health issues with children & adult in India where statistics show that speech impairment is fifth highest occurring disability in the country with a prevalence of seven percent. It is also reported that one in every ten school children has a speech disorder. Additionally, 90 percent of children with identified speech and language needs can have long term difficulties. The speech & language disorders are caused due to several reasons including genetic, injury, environmental causes, neurological disorders, stroke and more. The lack of the parental participation in communication with their children is also regarded as main reason behind the disorders. Working parents, nuclear families can cause delay in acquiring age...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aakaar Child Development & Learning Center Aakaar Child Development & Learning Center Chandra Lata Sharma, CEO & Speech Therapist Offering the multidisciplinary services including occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, ABA Therapy and PEX Therapy with psychology counseling services
Asha Kiran Speech & Language Habilitation Centre Asha Kiran Speech & Language Habilitation Centre Rita Piplani, Director & Habilitationalist Providing technically advanced audiological aids and speech intervention services to help children achieve their highest potential by overcoming medical barriers
Asian Speech And Hearing Clinic Asian Speech And Hearing Clinic Dr. Amit Anand, Audiologist & Speech Pathologist Offering an array of best-in-class services including hearing mechanism, diagnosis testing, hearing aid, cochlear implants and more by leveraging the international standard & latest technologies
Babble Speech & Hearing Center Babble Speech & Hearing Center Om Prakash, Founder, Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist A renowned speech & hearing establishment providing all encompassing personalized guidance and training to children with speech and hearing related disorders within a nurturing and acceptable environment
Better Life Child Development Centre Better Life Child Development Centre Dr. Reshma Ratheesh, Managing Director Providing rehabilitation and education therapy through programs in Physical and Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Yoga, Infant Development and Family Support services
Cornerstone Therapy Solutions Cornerstone Therapy Solutions Vidyasagar Kancharapu, Founder & Director Helping individuals with their speech related issues to overcome their physiological, psychological & sociological challenges while moving toward an independent life
Enliven Therapy Centre Enliven Therapy Centre Hemal Parikh, Founder With a team of well experienced speech therapists, adopting proven techniques, latest technologies and advanced care, the center helps patients regain their normal speech function
Genius Lane Child Development Centre Genius Lane Child Development Centre Dr. Rahul Bharat, Founder The centre performs interactive assessment of development language skills using Preschool Language Scales and provides speech and language therapy, and Hanen program to help kids overcome developmental challenges
Hear Well Clinic Hear Well Clinic Dnyanada Potdar, Founder, Consulting Audiologist & Speech Therapist A Powai-based well-known speech & hearing clinic committed to improving the quality of life of individuals with hearing, speech & voice disorders with a focus on hearing conservation, early intervention and rehabilitation
Vani Speech Therapy And Hearing Aid Centre Vani Speech Therapy And Hearing Aid Centre Dr. Vishal Mehra, Director Offers avantgarde diagnostic and therapeutic speech, language and hearing facilities to every age people apart from providing only furnishing premium brand hearing aids, rehabilitation services and cochlear implants