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  • 10 Most Promising Medical Transcription Service Providers – 2018

    There a lot of terminologies related to medical agenda and one of the gravest ones is ‘negligence’. Medical negligence is sadly, one the primary reasons for death or critical conditions when information was not conveyed efficiently and clearly. Medical transcription is an integral part of the medical processing and requires innate precision while delivering results and services. A mere difference in the dosage can lead to fatal conclusions. However, with audio technology and efficient transcription services, it is now easier than ever to execute accurate transcription content, while adhering to the timelines and the quality necessary to document these transcriptions. The industry is always going to be in constant upgradation, aligning itself with the progress of the...

10 Most Promising Medical Transcription Service Providers – 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Accolade Square Accolade Square Samta Singh, Owner A HIPAA compliant company offering highest quality medical transcription services by leveraging its team of highly experienced industry professionals
Accu Swift Accu Swift Jagadish Reddy, CEO Developing top quality medical transcription software to help healthcare professionals incorporate into their services the most advanced technologies available in the market today
Acusis Acusis KB Anand, CEO Providing home-based medical transcription career opportunities and delivering customized solutions to customers to share, exchange, and store patient care documents to enable effective collaboration
FABscribe Transcription Services FABscribe Transcription Services Syed Liyaquat Ali, Director Providing high-quality medical transcription services with over 99 percent accuracy and unmatched turnaround time
Max Trans Systems Max Trans Systems Vijay, Owner Proffering Medical Transcription services with a team of experienced professionals having passion and diligence of serving the healthcare industry
MT4MD MT4MD Manjit Sepehya, Production Manager Providing superior medical transcription services with innovative, state-of-the-art infrastructure that harness the power of technology to offer better treatment
Quridge Quridge Rathish Kadaman, CEO Offering transcription services to medical practitioners, hospitals and other health services in the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia and other countries
Rekha Technologies Rekha Technologies Darpan Jain, CEO Providing softwares such as transcript validator and transcript parser which help in efficient workflow of clinical documentation
Technica Forts Technica Forts Vikas Shukla, Managing Director Proffering distinct quality-based MT services ranging from normal audio-to-text transcription, VRS editing, chart-pasting, appointment-scheduling and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) transcriptions, checking patient-pre-qualification, and making appointment reminder-calls to patients
Transdoc Transdoc Javed Khan, Owner Offering Medical Transcription training to a diverse healthcare segments, enabling easy & hassle free documentation of patient records