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    Proactively run by both private and public sectors, India possesses a vast healthcare system. In spite of its wide spectrum of healthcare services, there remain many differences in quality between rural and urban areas as well as between public and private healthcare in our country. The increasing population poses more challenges in healthcare data management, whereas the conditions such as mounting healthcare cost in private sector and lack of infrastructure in public sector create hurdles in the accessibility of quality healthcare among masses. The prevailing challenges in the Indian healthcare sector points out the need for a radical shift to digitalisation. With the high smartphone penetration and on-going Digital India initiatives, Indian healthcare can be benefitted...

20 Most Promising Healthcare IT Solution Providers – 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Avengersoft Avengersoft Sumesh P M, Founder & CEO One of India's leading Healthcare technology companies which develops high quality end-to-end software solutions exclusively for healthcare businesses.
Akhil Systems Akhil Systems Sanjay Jain, Director A provider of HIS, specialized in developing management information systems for hospitals, medical colleges, nursing homes, clinics, diagnostic centers and pharmacy chains.
Blooray IT Solutions Blooray IT Solutions Salim Rayyan, CEO Blooray IT Solutions is a highly specialized provider of Medical Automation Software and Consulting, situated in Kerala. Their flagship product Blooray MeDIC is being used by thousands of medical professionals successfully.
Caresoft Cousultancy Caresoft Cousultancy Prassant Kumar , Co-Founder & CEO A global healthcare IT company that makes software products for health care verticals like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, medical colleges and diagnostic centers.
Euradite Consumer Health And Life Care Euradite Consumer Health And Life Care Rohit Kapile, Founder & CEO A FCCAI certified company that develops and supplies high quality healthcare & pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements at resonable rates.
Forus Health Forus Health Dr. Shyam Vasudev, Ph.D, Managing Director An innnovation-led technology business that provides solutions to address health problems. It specializes in developing technology products for inclusive Healthcare.
MedOnGo MedOnGo Balaji Krishnammagaru, Co-Founder Committed to delivering quality healthcare experience, MedOnGo is the only firm that strives to improve public primary healthcare sector through a wide range of solutions and networks.
NeuroSynaptic NeuroSynaptic Sameer Sawarkar, CEO The company aims to enable access to affordable healthcare in rural and semi-urban areas, using its cloud-based telemedicine platform called ReMeDi.
OncoStem Diagnostics OncoStem Diagnostics Manjiri Bakre, Founder & CEO OncoStem Diagnostics is trying to fill in this gap by providing personalised cancer treatment planning through the development of tests that predict the chance of recurrence in patients.
PharmEasy PharmEasy Dr.Dhaval Shah, Founder Helps patients and their care-takers connect with the local medicine shops but also offers free sample collection service for diagnostic tests by authorised phlebotomists.
S10 Technologies S10 Technologies Dhamu Narayanan, Executive Director – India Operations A provider of fully integrated healthcare system, technology and processes that increases visibility for the Physician’s practice, while proffering convenience for his health seekers.
SastaSundar SastaSundar BL Mittal, Founder A digital network for managing healthcare, pharma, and wellness product supply chain.
SigTuple SigTuple Rohit Kumar Pandey, Founder Aims to create a data-driven, machine learned, cloud-based solution for detection of abnormalities and trends in medical data for disease diagnosis.
SoftLink International SoftLink International Prakash Kamat, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director SoftLink focuses on software product engineering in HealthCare IT and Medical Imaging domains with a strong global presence.
Sukraa Software Solution Sukraa Software Solution Sridhar Pari Poornam, MD Automating wide array operations, the firm has put forth, Sukraa Hospital Management System, Sukraa Laboratory Information Management System, Picture Archiving and Communications System.
Swasthya Slate Swasthya Slate Kanav Kahol, Founder A health care device that allows the user to connect to an Android tablet or phone and conducts 33 diagnostic tests like heart rate, BP, blood type, and test for malaria, dengue and others.
Syscon InfoTech Syscon InfoTech Dr. Shivkumar Raghavan, Founder & Director Syscon is a healthcare venture that offers customer-driven solutions in healthcare information systems, diagnostics and biotechnology products.
Tricog Tricog Dr. Charit Bhograj, Founder Artificial Intelligence and an expert medical team that works 24*7 to provide the fastest and most accurate real time diagnosis of an ECG.