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  • 10 Most Promising Drug Discovery & Development Companies - 2023

    Pioneering Health through Discovery & Development: Unveiling the Future of Medicine Drug discovery and development constitute a complex and intricate process essential for advancing healthcare and treating various diseases. This multifaceted journey typically begins with target identification, where scientists pinpoint specific molecules or pathways crucial for disease progression. Once a potential target is identified, researchers embark on the arduous task of finding compounds that can modulate or inhibit it. Drug discovery and development are processes requiring collaboration, innovation, and perseverance. Discovering Hope, Developing Healing Firstly, drug discovery is crucial for identifying compounds that exhibit therapeutic properties. Researchers delve...

10 Most Promising Drug Discovery & Development Companies - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Acubiosys Acubiosys Srinivas Maddi , Founder & CEO An integrated drug research and development organization providing scientific services from early stage discovery to drug development including pharmaceutical, ayush, neutraceutical and medical devices
Cellix Bio Cellix Bio Mahesh Kandula , Director A prominent drug design and development biopharmaceutical company focused to develop therapies for the treatment of neurological, inflammatory and metabolic diseases
Imgenex India Imgenex India Dr. Sujay Singh , Founder A pioneering firm provides biotechnology solutions, healthcare & therapeutic biologics, specializes in antibodies, immune-oncology, antiinflammatory applications, molecular, biology and bioprocess development
Jubilant Biosys Jubilant Biosys SK Dhakshinamoorthy , Senior Vice President An intelligent firm providing innovative drug discovery services to the global life sciences, agrochemicals and specialty chemicals industry through its research centers in India
Prescience Insilico Prescience Insilico Sudip Roy, CTO & Director A tech company that uses AI and machine learning to accelerate drug and materials discovery and development, specializing in cheminformatics, bioinformatics, X-HTVS, X-ESS and SyMoG/AI
Sanopeutics Research Sanopeutics Research Shrikrishna Dadke , Founder & CEO A drug discovery company, with an unwavering focus on discovering new molecular entities expertise in innovative approaches for designing, discovering and developing novel molecules
Sathgen Therapeutics Sathgen Therapeutics Dr. Rakhee Bajaj , Manager - Strategy & Business Development A dynamic problem solver and a clinical-stage biotech company with an aim to deliver drug therapies for difficult to treat diseases such as cancer and viral infections
Sphaera Pharma Sphaera Pharma Abhinav D , CEO An integrated drug discovery and development organization led by pharma and biotech professionals with global experience, specialized in radio-chemistry, c-GMP manufacture, R&D, translational research and more
TheraIndx Lifesciences TheraIndx Lifesciences Ramesh Jayaraman , Director An innovative firm offers partially or fully integrated drug discovery services across a wide spectrum, covering hit identification, hit to lead, lead optimization and preclinical development