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  • 10 Most Promising Online Psychological Counselling Providers - 2020

    According to renowned psychologists, success (professional and personal) can only be achieved when a person can balance his/her thoughts, become obedient to what time wants from them, and listens carefully with heart and soul. However, without sound mental health, it becomes a frenetic task. Work pressure, race against the odds, unhealthy physical condition, adverse finances or even reasons like childhood abuse/neglect, social isolation, discrimination, bereavement, stress for a long time, and unemployment might sometime lead a person to the darkest corner of the thought process. Psychologists enter during this hour in the person's life to guide through insights and awareness of problems. Recent data suggests that usage of mental wellness applications have increased by huge margins...

10 Most Promising Online Psychological Counselling Providers - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ecounsellors'love Ecounsellors'love Rizwana Parvin TM, Founder It delivers psychological care and mental healthcare through professionals
Inner Planet Inner Planet Yogita Madan, Founder Repairing thoughts, it delivers services in psychotherapy, career counselling, and training in psychology, lifeskills and rational emotive cognitive behavior
IThrive Counselling IThrive Counselling Vijal Sejpal, Co-Founder Fervent in pushing people towards holistic growth and development through adult assessment, learning disability assessment, IQ assessment, ADHD/ADD, corporate training programs, and therapies
Look Within Look Within Aditi Nadkarni, Founder Offers services in building self-confidence, relationships, addictions, work stress, societal pressure, pregnancy, parenting and teen counselling
MyBreakthrough MyBreakthrough Sheetal Chaudhary, Counselling Psychologist It helps people in win against mental health challenges through relationship counselling, family & marital counselling, depression & anxiety, stress / tension & grief counselling, teen behavioral issues, corporate / workplace counselling
Pinkymind Pinkymind Stephen T Chacko, Founder Offers counselling through mind games, video support, and therapy sessions in cognitive behavioral, and integrated holistic therapy
Psychowaves Psychowaves Dr. Tarlochan Singh, Founder Provides services in psychological testing, psychotherapy and counselling, marital and relationship/premarital/ family counselling, school mental health services, cognitive re-training & rehabilitation, drug-de-addiction counselling, online & telephonic counselling, professional training
Rich Psych Rich Psych Yamini Negi, CEO Rich psych connects people in need of emotional support with qualified mental health professionals through a hassle free and affordable application
SREE ILLAM SREE ILLAM S.H.S. Swamynadha Iyyar, Founder It is renowned for offering home to senior citizens, elder care, counselling consultation, and upholding social responsibilities