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  • 10 Most Promising Medical Billing & Coding Service Providers – 2020

    Invisible engines of the modern healthcare system, medical billing and coding are indispensable if efficient transmission of important data is to be carried-out. While the medical coder translates the healthcare provider’s report regarding patient’s visit into numeric or alphanumeric code, medical billers on the other hand utilize that information to develop a bill for the insurance company (popularly called a claim). Both practices are involved in the immensely important reimbursement cycle, which ensures that healthcare providers are paid for the services they perform. Expected to increase by three folds to $133.44 billion by 2022, this domain has an immense scope since a professional degree in medical or healthcare is not a prerequisite to start a carrier in medical...

10 Most Promising Medical Billing & Coding Service Providers – 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
E Care India E Care India Deepak Sanghi , Managing Director One of India's leading medical billing companies offering end-to-end medical billing solutions and coding services to businesses of diverse sizes.
Ascribe Healthcare Solutions Ascribe Healthcare Solutions Jaisheela Padmanabhan , Founder & MD A provider of revenue cycle management services through its worldclass global delivery team of healthcare billing, coding and revenue cycle experts.
Baruch Business Solutions Baruch Business Solutions Hamsavardhan Mohan , Co-Founder Enabling healthcare providers to manage and optimize their revenue through Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Credentialing, Medical Transcription and other Revenue Cycle Management Services.
CHS Medical Billing & Coding Services CHS Medical Billing & Coding Services Balasubramaniam Suganthi , CEO An expert provider of outsourced HIPAA compliant Medical Billing Services with incredible physical & technological infrastructure for innovation & upgradation, and security.
ELATE RCM ELATE RCM Rita Chaudhury , Director HIPAA & ISO 9001:2015 compliant healthcare BPO firm rendering comprehensive, high quality, safe & secure services to a plethora of US healthcare firms including physicians, hospitals, laboratories, managed care providers & billing companies.
Medusind Solution Medusind Solution Vipul Bansal , Co-Founder The company provides integrated healthcare business solutions (both onshore and offshore) including medical coding, healthcare billing, medical transcription, coding documentation and coding analytics .
Omega Healthcare Omega Healthcare Gopi Natarajan , Co-Founder & CEO Offering end-to-end solutions such as Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Blling & Coding, Accounts Receivable Management, and Patient Interaction solutions to healthcare companies.
QWay Health QWay Health Karthikeyan Sivasubramanian , Co-Founder & CEO Offering a suite of revenue cycle management services that include Medical Nbilling & Coding, Eligibility/Insurance Verification, A/R Analysis & Follow-up, and Credit Balance/Refund Processing, to name a few.
SAVI Group SAVI Group Sumit Mahendru , Managing Director A provider of best-in-class medical billing services & collection solutions such as RCM, analytics, coding and consulting.