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  • 10 Most Promising Laboratory Information Management System Providers - 2020

    LIMS with key software features like workflow, data tracking, non-rigid architecture, and data flow lines have made it so popular in today's medical structure. Other benefits of LIMS include sample tracking, enterprise resource planning, and managing laboratory informatics. It is the time when the healthcare industry needs the most attention. Laboratory functions evolve over time. With every evolution, it requires a change in LIMS working. Like from the role of a simple hospital management system software, LIMS has become an important facilitator for operations, electronic health records (electronic data exchange), audit management, etc. LIMS' part in the operation is assignment, scheduling, and sample tracking. Storing data related to samples and...

10 Most Promising Laboratory Information Management System Providers - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Agaram Technologies Agaram Technologies Mukunth Venkatesan, Founder, Director & CEO Proficient in solving LIMS challenges with sample management, test and specification management, work allocation, instrument management, training and specification management, inventory management, MIS, scheduler, and workflow.
Kriti LIMS Kriti LIMS Nahas Mohammed, CEO Holds services in LIMS in the verticals of water, environment, metallurgy, food & beverage, calibration, agriculture, transformer oil, microbiological, medical, textiles, petroleum, electrical, forensic, metrology, forensic, and chemical.
MocDoc MocDoc Sailesh T, Vice President Bringing cloud-based healthcare management system to deliver robust and secure solutions.
Oasis Infotech Oasis Infotech Pavinder Singh, Director Leader in the laboratory information management system and is has been successful in providing affluent services in India and outside the country.
Rasures Software Solutions Rasures Software Solutions Rajesh Melam, Senior Project Manager Provides consultancy services, digitization services, form/invoice processing and service record scanning to sectors like government & private, banking and finance, insurance, and retail.
Sanela Technologies Sanela Technologies Karun Veligeti, Co-Founder & CEO Offers healthcare, hospital management system, hospital management software, dental clinic management software, LIMS software, clinic management software and pharmacy software.
Shiva Analyticals & Testing Laboratories India Shiva Analyticals & Testing Laboratories India Dr.G.Sudesh Kumar, Chief Executive Officer Houses quality LIMS services along with services in pharmaceuticals, food and agri, materials, ores and minerals, environment, fuels and oils.
Stelsel Software Technologies Stelsel Software Technologies Sharad Kuber Patil, Director Specialized in IT solutions, the firm has affordable and efficient Laboratory Information Management System.
Wincent Technology Wincent Technology Sanjeev Kumar Rao, Business Manager Developer of high-end solutions for hospitals, pharmaceuticals, blood bank, clinics and laboratories.
YouTakeCare Wellness Clinic And Diagnostic Centre YouTakeCare Wellness Clinic And Diagnostic Centre Benny Thomas - Managing Director, Santosh Somesekeran - Director and Biju George - Director A Healthcare­Information Technology start-up from Kerala, YTC LIS offers Barcoding and processing, inventory management, account management, patient records management, machine interface, easy front office management and complete health app integration.