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  • 10 Most Prominent Holistic Healing Therapists from Hyderabad - 2024

    Empowering Wellness, Naturally In order to consider the interconnectedness of mind, body and soul, holistic health is a necessity for daily life. Rather than treating symptoms, it focuses on preventive care, promoting overall well-being. Individuals can improve their quality of life, resilience and prevention of illness through the application of complementary practices such as mindfulness, balanced nutrition, regular activity or stress management. These practitioners are trained in a range of healing modalities, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage therapy and energy treatments among others. This approach creates a more fulfilling and active existence through the promotion of harmony and balance. "Holistic healing therapists are indispensable by personalized...

10 Most Prominent Holistic Healing Therapists from Hyderabad - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Spiritual Power Yoga Spiritual Power Yoga Adarsh Narayandas, Founder He aims to spread yoga and spiritual knowledge to people in an authentic and scientific way, believing that a holistic approach to diet complements the physical and spiritual health
Arome Wellness Studio Arome Wellness Studio Anjona Mustafi Mahurkar, Founding Partner A holistic therapist with ITEC /CIBTAC and CIDESCO accreditations with highly experienced holistic techniques and has also held management level positions in various spa operations
Ramoji Film City Ramoji Film City Kimkim K, Holistic Therapist Having extensive experience in the field, also she has specializes in the ayurveda treatment, spa, naturopathy, hydrotherapy, deep tissue massage and many more massage
Meghavi Wellness Meghavi Wellness Megha Dinesh, Co-Founder She has a flair for curating and launching innovative spa experiences that offer holistic health and wellness habits to clients, while generating revenue and customer loyalty
Homeomantra Homeomantra Dr. Preetha Nair , Holistic Therapist An esteemed practitioner of holistic healing with extensive expertise in addressing concerns pertaining to hormonal imbalances, nutritional guidance, yoga, meditation and more
Ctrlaltheal Ctrlaltheal Dr. Priyanka Gupta, Co-Founder With a wealth of experience in the ayurveda, wellness and fitness industry, also well experienced in managing P&L, yoga, weight loss guide, medical operations and many more
Dr. M Holistic Wellness Dr. M Holistic Wellness Dr. Rajarshi Pathuri, CEO By leveraging his extensive experience in the acupuncture & naturopathic, also expertise encompassing pain management, team building, yoga, and clinical nutrition
SwitchNov SwitchNov Sahana Rabindranath, Founder With her integrated knowledge and experience in holistic wellness and experimentation with several holistic healing techniques such as EFT, aromatherapy and much more
Healing Edge Wellness Center Healing Edge Wellness Center Showkat Khan, Founder He possesses a wealth of expertise in organisational development, also expertise in holistic healer, manual therapist, spine correction specialist, team management and many more
Holistic Nutrition Training Program Holistic Nutrition Training Program Dr. Suresh Kumar Vunnamatla, Founder He has extensive experience in the healthcare sector with his specializes lies in corporate wellness, holistic disease management, holistic nutrition coaching, preventive medicine and more