Torus Health partners with Tata 1mg for Comprehensive Healthcare

Torus Health, in collaboration with Tata 1mg, has introduced an innovative all-in-one solution in the healthcare sector. This groundbreaking initiative, spearheaded by Torus Group under Cosmea Financial Holdings Pvt Ltd, is set to transform healthcare and wellness services in India with their upcoming super app named 'Hey Torus'. The recent launch of Torus Health's website in early October 2023 garnered significant attention, with over 300 orders processed daily. Positioned within the 'Hey Torus' ecosystem, the website serves as a comprehensive platform catering to various healthcare needs, including pharmacy services, blood tests, and online doctor consultations. Partnering with the renowned Tata 1mg, Torus Health aims to deliver affordable and comprehensive healthcare solutions to customers across India. With a commitment to offering the highest discounts compared to other e-pharmacy platforms, Torus Health seeks to enhance accessibility and affordability in the healthcare sector.

Torus Health is adopting a direct-to-consumer strategy to introduce a holistic approach to healthcare. Their aim is to strike a balance between conventional medication and natural remedies by integrating traditional and modern methods for a more comprehensive solution. Through their platform 'Hey Torus', they seek to incorporate a range of treatment modalities including generic drugs, homeopathy, naturopathy, ayurveda, functional medicine, and allopathy, thereby offering an innovative approach to healthcare.

In the next phase of its development, 'Hey Torus' intends to integrate health, wealth, and education components into its app. For instance, a patient diagnosed with diabetes will receive a combination of allopathic treatment alongside traditional remedies and lifestyle advice to enhance their well-being. By offering comprehensive healthcare solutions, 'Hey Torus' aims to lower overall costs while promoting sustainable health practices. Tata 1mg, a prominent player in India's healthcare sector, is widely recognized and trusted. The current collaboration with Tata 1mg is already operational on the website and will soon be seamlessly integrated into the 'Hey Torus' super app. With Tata 1mg presently serving over 25,000 pin codes in India, it demonstrates extensive accessibility and a commitment to delivering quality healthcare services.

"Super Buddies", a term coined by the founders of the super app is all set to bring about employment opportunities while encouraging entrepreneurship across the Indian healthcare sector. The founders are actively encouraging interested entrepreneurs to join them in their journey to transform the healthcare sector in India. "Hey Torus is not just an app; it is a vision to change the landscape of the Indian healthcare industry. By joining forces with some of the most well-known and trusted healthcare brands in the market, we want to change the future of healthcare in India by focusing on quality, affordability, reachability, employment, and entrepreneurship", said a spokesperson of Torus Health.