Apollo Unveils India's First AI Oncology Hub in Bengaluru

In Bengaluru, India, Apollo Cancer Centre has inaugurated the nation's first AI-Precision Oncology Centre (POC) with the objective of advancing oncology care. Leveraging artificial intelligence, this center aims to provide timely and individualized results for oncologists, patients, and caregivers. Offering a variety of services, the facility includes accurate diagnosis, instant insights, evaluation of cancer risk, development of treatment protocols, and ongoing care.

The patient-centric approach includes the identification of eligible individuals for targeted therapy and immunotherapy. The team is also using conversational AI to educate patients and families on diagnosis, treatment FAQs, and connections to support groups.

“As we inaugurate India’s first AI-driven Precision Oncology Centre at Apollo Cancer Centres, Bengaluru, I am honoured to witness a groundbreaking convergence of innovation and healthcare. This pioneering initiative not only represents a monumental leap in medical technology but also symbolizes hope and progress for patients and caregivers", said Dinesh Gundu Rao, State Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Karnataka.

The center facilitates the identification of new patients through automated alerts and assists in ensuring compliance with care pathways, clinical management, and patient benefit programs. Earlier, Apollo partnered with Microsoft to create an AI-driven cardiac prognosis model specifically designed for South Asian data. This was essential as conventional cardiac risk models, relying on European or US data, lacked accuracy in predicting risks within the Indian population.

As of 2019, the two companies launched the National Clinical Coordination Committee, incorporating an AI-powered risk API to address cardiovascular diseases. Apollo has extended its technological endeavors by collaborating with a startup to implement virtual reality solutions and integrating smart automation for patient monitoring.